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Photo: Sheri's family I am a multi-generational knitter. Actually, I'm not really sure how far back my knitting roots go. My mom knits, as well as both grandmothers and their mothers, and no doubt it continues backwards for several more generations. Since my daughter has been knitting for several years now too, we are doing a good job of carrying on the tradition.

After a significant lapse between learning to knit in junior high (on an itchy, acrylic, ugly yellow sweater) and becoming a Knitter with a capital K, I began my re-discovered Knitting career by starting on scarves. They just flew off the needles and soon we were being overrun by scarves. (And really, just how many scarves can one person wear and give as gifts?) The next thing to conquer seemed to be socks. After all, a person can never have too many socks. I wondered if I would tire of socks the way I had gotten over scarves? The answer is a resounding no. For you see, once you put a handknit sock on your foot - you never want to take it off, and you never ever want to wear commercial socks again. After I got the hang of socks, I decided to try shawls (fun) and then spinning (also fun) and now I'm contemplating learning to weave. (Fun? I'm almost afraid to find out.) My only problem nowadays, is finding enough time to make all of the projects on my list. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

We started The Loopy Ewe in a little corner of our basement, back in the summer of 2006. We specialized in sock yarn in the beginning (remember - I was having a great time knitting socks but not having a great time trying to find interesting sock yarns to try out at my local yarn shops). Over the past years we have grown and added all different weights and yarn lines, so that we truly have something for everyone. We moved the shop out of the basement after our first year, spent another four years in our shop space in St. Louis, and then moved the shop out to Fort Collins, Colorado at the end of 2011, because we'd always wanted to live near the mountains. It has been a family project from start to finish, including my husband on graphics and photography, our son on web design, and our daughter on inventory. We also have several wonderful employees who help us get orders pulled, packed, and out the door to you. We fondly refer to them as the Loopy Elves.

We are committed to top quality service and products and look forward to sharing the love of knitting with you for many years to come. If you find yourself in the Fort Collins, CO area, pop on over and check out our shop full of yarn, roving and accessories. In the meantime, we're glad to have you here online!

~ Sheri ~

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