St. Louis Memories

We enjoyed five wonderful years in St. Louis before moving the shop to Colorado!

We call the big ball winder "Agnes" and the small one "Bertha". We have a love/hate relationship with them, most days. (You know, those days when they are being contrary and refuse to wind correctly ....)
Our Cascade 220 order (all 240+ colors) was the biggest single order of yarn we had gotten in at that point. It came on two palettes, on a freight truck! Filling in the cubbies was a slow process, but it was fun.
We get sample yarns in almost every week. (A big positive!) We like trying them out and seeing if it's a line we need to add here. (Also a big positive.) Sometimes we have to pick one line over another and that's tough. (A big negative.) However, no one feels sorry for us. :-)
Whether in person or by phone, we're always happy to help you find the perfect yarn and color for your project. We're good at color consultations!
Our St. Louis Fed Ex delivery guy likes Loopy, too! Loopy thought he might get to go on the Fed Ex truck that day, but we made him stay behind at the shop.
There is always a place to pull up a chair and knit, if your friends aren't done shopping yet. We like seeing people knit in the shop, although it does make us want to pull up another chair and knit right alongside you.
Call us crazy, but we have street names here - this is fondly referred to as "Lace Lane". You can frequently find lace from Rowan, Sweet Georgia, Trendsetter, Dream in Color, Alpaca with a Twist, and more.
Sue was another one of our first St. Louis Elves and she has the gift of organization! She's also an amazing stained glass artist and made the Loopy stained glass piece in our entryway.
Some of the wonderful St. Louis Elves who packed all of your orders when they were coming from Missouri - from L-R: Vicki, Mary and Susan
When our shop was in St. Louis, we repainted our walls to a happy robin's egg blue color. It was a nice color to walk into each morning! (We call this "Happy Blue").
Loopy is fond of his cashmere scarf (he doesn't get to keep it) and his skein of Wollmeise (he doesn't get to keep that, either.) He does a good job of over-seeing things around here, even though we make him give up the good stuff after he's done modeling.
We had lots of rows of shelves in the St. Louis shop, but it never seemed to be enough! We were constantly re-shuffling to make it all fit. Moving the shop to Colorado gave us a chance to have more space for more shelves (for more yarn!).
Sometimes when we get new things in here, well, we just need to try them on for size. You know how that is. And it's pretty unanimous. We are all BIG fans of bags.
We unpack a lot of inventory on this beautiful island that Sheri's husband made for us. And we fill it with a lot of yarn. There are cubbies on both sides and it's always full.
Here are some of the St. Louis Elves, packing up orders! (L-R: Susan, Sue, Mary, Karen and Anna) And you can imagine how much they loved it when I'd say, "Hey - gather up so I can get your picture for the website!"
We like pegs. The yarn tends to stay put and doesn't hop down during the night. Plus, it's a great way to see the beautiful colors in the whole skein of yarn at once. Inspiring!
In St. Louis, Rich would come to pick up your packages every day and safely deposit them at the post office. Usually, the post office would then take them right to your doorstep. (Once in awhile, they would take the package on a slight tour of the country, en route...)
We took some of our favorite knitting quotes and put them up on the walls around Loopy Central. ("In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul." Soothing, meditative, and true.)
Here's a batch of roving, just delivered and waiting to go up on the website. Sometimes if we're not watching him carefully, Loopy takes off with the roving...
We like it when we have lots of friendly shoppers to keep us company. Everyone is looking for yarn for different projects (or for patterns to go along with it) and we find ourselves getting all kinds of good ideas for more projects to add to our own lists!
In St. Louis, Cassie helped out here over the summer and we had fun throwing an "Elf Shower" for her before she left to get married at the end of the summer. She loved this particular Atenti bag, so we wrapped it up for her. (Behind her: Sue, Anna, Karen, Marianne, Donna and Julia).
How many knitters can sit and knit at the same time? Apparently quite a few! These sweet gals were comparing treasures and waiting for the bus to take them back to the hotel during the Spring Fling. They sure had fun during their Loopy Shopping Spree.
Just a few of Sheri's Single Socks on display. (This is also one of our favorite quotes - "I like taking a piece of string and making it into something I can wear." True!)
We love having so many of you in each Spring for the Fling! We had four Flings in St. Louis, and are looking forward to continuing the tradition in Colorado.
We love having visiting knitting celebrities! Gryphon (The Sanguine Gryphon), Wendy (WendyKnits), Anne (Knitspot) and Jared (Brooklyn Tweed) all came to teach classes for our Fling in 2010. They were great!
Our St. Louis Loopy Elves - always a part of The Loopy Ewe, no matter where we are!
Elf Sue used her amazing stained glass talents to do a Loopy for us to feature in Loopy Central. Doesn't he look handsome in glass?
Susan was in charge of the St. Louis Elves and was the one that answered the phone most of the time. She was a gem and we couldn't have run St. Louis Loopy without her.
We moved The Loopy Ewe from St. Louis, MO to Fort Collins, CO in December of 2011. It took one and a half huge moving vans to fit all of that yarn in. 32 tons, all together!
Three of the St. Louis Loopy Elves - Anna, Karen and Susan! They were wearing aprons during the Spring Fling Shopping.
Brenda used to deliver cases of yarn to us via UPS every day in St. Louis. She was always happy to be there because she got to unload a lot of her truck there!
We liked our UPS gal, Brenda. Most days she brought a few cases of yarn and accessories, but some days it looked like this (or worse) after she had been there. We always said the same thing when she left: "Where in the heck are we going to put all of that??"
240+ colors of Cascade takes up a LOT of space! But oh, how fun to stand there and look at all of the colors available.
We like adding fun and interesting things here to make it feel more like home. This cabinet is sometimes full of yarn and sometimes full of other items. It holds a lot! Sheri's husband took the doors from the cabinet (which we weren't using) and made the wrapping island in front of it. On really crazy days, we use all surfaces for wrapping up your orders!
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