Wonderful Customers Colorado, USA

Finally made it to the Loopy Ewe for the first time last week. I don't know why I waited so long. I am a newer knitter and have felt intimidated in other LYS's. Not at this store! Everyone was so kind and helpful....let me browse, but checked in with me just enough to know that they were there to help. I will certainly be back and I highly recommend this store, no matter what your level of yarn expertise. Thank you for the great experience!


I love the new Dreamz circular needles. I knit a lot of lace and have trouble finding needles I like. Many needles are brass which react with my skin. Bamboo needles are too "sticky" but the Dreamz needles are perfect. The wood is warm to the touch but smooth enough that they are slick and quick. The points are tapered enough to make picking up the yarn overs and not so pointed as to split the yarn. And they are pretty and moderately priced. Thanks for carrying them!


Last week was my first time at the Loopy Ewe. What an amazing shop. The yarns are well organized and the sales people are very helpful and friendly. Thanks for such a pleasant experience. You can rest assured I'll be back soon. Best wishes.


You've done it again! I placed an order for yarn from the Loopy Ewe the same day I placed an order for yarn from a one of the "big" online yarn stores.. my Ewe yarn came packaged with a hand written note and a mini sock kit.... my yarn from the big store still has not even shipped. Keep it up!


Thank you so much for your speedy delivery. I was blown away when I opened the box to discover all the extra goodies inside. You truly care about your customers and it shows in the delivered product. Thank you again. I hope to purchase from you in the future.


I am still so blown away by how quick your service is, my first order got here in 2 days!!! And this one even though it was placed over the holiday weekend is already on its way. AMAZING


You have just amazed me with your speedy, personalized service! It seemed I had barely placed my order before it was there, neatly and carefully wrapped, and with a little goody to boot! Your hand-written thank you note was the icing on the cake! Birthday cake, since my order arrived on my birthday! I am very happy with the Loopy Ewe and look forward to indulging my sock yarn addiction with Sheri and her crew for many years to come! Thanks!


I love love love the Loopy Ewe. Their selection is great. Their customer service is great. I love getting the packages in the mail since everything is wrapped up like a little gift. It really makes my day, especially if I'm stressed out. I also love that they carry things that I can't get at my LYS- Indie Dyers & pattern writers, cute sock bags, and just a wonderful overall sock yarn selection. I have also found the colors on the website are really accurate, and I haven't been unhappily surprised with a purchase. I told my husband that I don't have a yarn problem, he has a problem with my yarn.

Kristina Moore

Sheri helped my husband without my knowing pick out sock yarn for my birthday! How is that for personalized service!?!?! I have been extolling The Loopy Ewe and Sheri for months, so the hubby knew JUST who to contact. Sheri picked out FABULOUS yarns for me-Wollmeise, Cherry Tree Hill and Lorna's Laces. While I could purchase some of these yarns elswhere, no one is as great to deal with as TLE! Loopies Forever!

Marsha Rose

wowza! seems like I just ordered the yarn a couple of hours ago--delivery was that fast. And the product! oy!! I can't wait to begin. Who knew bamboo can be so soft. Oh, and thanks ever so much for the little gifty--never thought of inventorying my needles--rummaging around in various baskets and vases seems to be par for me but perhaps it's time for a change. Looking forward to the next order (I'm waiting for Wollmeise to come back ;-)


Oh, my ... I'm now completely addicted to your yarns and your personal service and professionalism. I cannot speak highly enough of The Loopy Ewe. Of course, thanks to my new addiction, I also had to purchase a wooden swift and yarn ball winder! It's all worth it, however, to have beautiful socks flowing so delightfully off my needles each day. Thank you so much for being there!

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