Wonderful Customers Connecticut, USA

Oh my goodness.......This has to be a record for the books. I just ordered twenty minutes ago and it is already showing that it has been shipped. You deserve a gold medal Elves. No wonder I have a Loopy addiction. Thankyou so very much.


WOW !!!! I am now an official Loopy Groupie. Thankyou so much Sheri and the Loopy Elves. Your generosity is amazing. It was so much fun opening up all my goodies. The TLC that you put into each and every order makes me feel a part of a very special group. It shows how much all of you enjoy what you do.The personal notes are so warm. I am forever a Loopy Groupie.


One more order to go and I will be an official Groupie !!!!


The Loopy Ewe is amazing. Placed my very first order and received it in only a few days. WOW !!!! I was so happy with everything that I placed another order just a few days later. A personal note from Sheri plus surprise goodies makes me feel part of the Loopy Family and look forward to placing and receiving many more Loopy Yarns.


Received my package - loved the yarn. Surprised by the lovely note from Sheri and the goodies. Look forward to shopping again and again. Can't believe I waited all this time to become a customer. Thanks! Irma

Irma Keller

I received my welcome package with my last shipment. Thank you so much! You make me happy.


Sheri, A great big Thank You!!! I just received my order and what can I say, I was just blown away!! All the yarn is just beautiful and thank you so much for your personalized note and gift!! Your selection and service have proved again and again that the only place to shop on line is at the "Loopy Ewe"!!

Claudia W

I love The Loopy Ewe! The shop has so many yarns that I'd pick if I had a yarn store - it really is like Sheri's reading my mind. The yarns are well-packed, shipped very quickly & the customer service could not be better. You cannot go wrong with The Loopy Ewe.

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