Wonderful Customers Minnesota, USA

OMG! I got my Namaste Harlow Bag - Eggplant today and I must say it is even more wonderful in my hands then the picture and that was pretty awesome too! You all are terrific there and I have loved all the yarn that I have purchased! Fast & friendly service! I already have my wish ready for next week to help fill my new bag! Thank you so much!


Thanks for the quick turnaround on my order for needles. I broke a needle & couldn't find a replacement locally in the size I needed. This time I ordered a spare -- I've learned the hard way that those tiny bamboo sock needles are more fragile than I thought.

Julia Accola

I just wanted to thank you for your swift service. I ordered some yarn a few days before your move was completed, and was told it would ship on Wed. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my items on Friday. Wrapped, a selection of freebies, and a hand written note! So thoughtful. Thank you thank you thank you. I will most certainly shop again soon!!!

Christine W

You are wonderful! One day I will plan my shopping with you a little better but overall your customer service cannot be beat! Thank you!

Laurie Steward

The Loopy Ewe is the best yarn store in the history of yarn stores! It has it all: great selection, SUPER fast shipping, and phenomenal customer service (seriously, you have to experience it to believe it!). I am Loopy for the Loopy Ewe!


I love getting packages from the Loopy Ewe. Not just my yarn, but always a cool treat, and a note from Sheri.


Holy fast shipping Batman! I ordered Wednesday, shipped Thursday, received Saturday. Everything was packaged beautifully and the stitch marker is so cute! Another great order from The Loopy Ewe, another delighted customer. Thanks!


My 2nd loopy order arrived today and I opened it in front of my 12 year old son (who totally supports his mom's habit of buying yarn!) and he saw the hand written note included with my order. He said "They wrote you a note? That's cool." Exactly...that's cool! Thanks for being such a terrific store!


You got to be kidding right? I ordered about 3 days ago, and I got the package super duper fast. And the hand written note is a nice touch. This is so far the fastest free shipping I have ever ordered. And the way Sheri packaged my stuff is so careful and make sure everything is OK. I'll be sure to come back again.


I'm addicted to The Loopy Ewe! I received my first order within 2 days. In addition to little suprises tucked inside the bag, Sheri wrote a handwritten, personalized thank you note. Each hank of yarn is individually wrapped in tissue. Opening each package reminds me of Christmas (actually, it's more fun than getting a ceiling fan or snowblower door from your husband). The Loopy Ewe carries beautiful yarns and it won't be too long when I'll be a Loopy Groupie!


I ordered lace yarn, which I have never worked with before. It came in 3 days, along with a fun present and samples of other yarns. I am looking forward to being able to join the Loopy Groupies! I will definently be using loopy for future orders!


I just received my first order from Loopy Ewe and I can't express my joy and surprise! The package was delightfully and carefully wrapped in tissue and plastic. Opening each bundle was like Christmas in August! The yarns were more beautiful than I could have anticipated, and the quick arrival was a pleasant surprise, too. So was the extra gift tucked in. You have another fan and returning customer. Thanks for your amazing personal service! Denise


In the last month or so, I've stumbled upon The Loopy Ewe (found it by way of Knitty.com); the service is just perfect, and the yarn exquisitely beautiful. Not enough can be said for the kindness of Sheri - it was an absolute wonder to open each of my two packages, and find not only sweet little extras (not the usual online yarn store extras, which are nice all the same...but cute, unique, valuable things and tantalizing yarn swatches - and different each of the two times I've ordered) but careful wrapping, and, - gasp - an actual personalized, hand-written note by Sheri. That is so very rare, and makes one feel valued as a human being (and fellow avid knitter!), not just as a random/anonymous customer. What a wonderful feeling! While I'm quite well-stocked for yarn at this time (and have a husband alarmed with the volume of dreaded stash), I will certainly be returning as soon as possible; as exceedingly lovely as the yarn is, the service is incomparable - and shall keep me returning as often as possible. Profound thanks, Sheri! Keep up the wonderful work.


I discovered your online store after seeing referrals on many knitting blogs. I received my first order within 3 days. The package was wrapped so beautifully. Although I had read that you included a handwritten note with each order, I expected it to be a quick thank you, but it was a substantial note about the yarn I chose. From now on, you will be my only source of online yarn and knitting accessories because of the great service and the freebies included with each order. I can't wait to become a Loopy Groupie.

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