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All the extras to make your projects more fun!

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  • Circular Needle Point Protectors (3004)


    Circular Needle Point Protectors (3004)


    These point protectors are perfect for your circular needles, as both ends go into the same stopper. Don't lose your stitches when your knitting is done - cap the ends with these needle protectors. 4 point protectors per package. Needle sizes up to #8.

  • George Sichterman Woodwork, George Sichterman Woodwork

    George Sichterman Woodwork

    George Sichterman Woodwork

    $41.00 - $60.00

    These beautiful solid wood yarn caddies and swifts are individually handcrafted by George Sichterman in Casper, Wyoming. Every item is unique due to the wood that is used in each one. Internal ball bearings ensure that the pieces turn smoothly and...

  • Pretty Warm Designs Stitch Markers

    Pretty Warm Designs

    Stitch Markers


    These adorable stitch markers are sure to add some personality to your knitting project. Each set features six snag-free stitch markers packaged in a handy tin, keeping them safe and ready to tuck into your project bag. Fit needle sizes up to US 8 (5.0...

  • Scissors - Roly Poly

    Kelmscott Designs

    Scissors - Roly Poly


    These unique, elegant scissors measure 3.5". Their sharp point makes them ideal for snipping yarns and threads and their petite size makes them handy for slipping into your project bags. Made of metal with a matte black finish.

  • Stitch Marker Pouch

    The Loopy Ewe

    Stitch Marker Pouch


    This cute red pouch (3-1/4" x 4") is a perfect place to keep your small notions. It also comes with a tin and 15 removable pin stitch markers for marking rows and patterns.

  • Atenti, Bonnie



    $184.00 - $194.00

    Atenti's Bonnie bag is a smaller version of the Overnighter, and features the same double straps, metal feet and water resistant lining. It measures 14.5" x 12.5" x 4.5" and has a 24" zippered opening. Inside are a zippered pocket...

  • Camp Loopy Red Vintage Campster Tote

    The Loopy Ewe

    Camp Loopy Red Vintage Campster Tote


    We have our favorite red Vintage Campster Tote Bag for you! We love the zippered top (hidden by the tan vintage-distressed flap), the adjustable strap, and of course, the red color. Inside, you'll find a padded sleeve for your tablet plus additional...

  • Cavallini Large Notebook in National Parks

    Cavallini Papers & Co.

    Cavallini Large Notebook


    The Large Notebook from Cavallini Papers is a 6" x 8" bound notebook. There are 141 lined pages inside and an elastic band to keep the notebook closed. The notebook features vintage imagery on the cover.

  • Cavallini Vintage Pouch in Citrus

    Cavallini Papers & Co.

    Cavallini Vintage Pouch


    Cavallini's 100% natural cotton pouches have a linen lining and a leather zipper pull. They are a pretty way to store all of your daily essentials or project notions. The bag measures 8.75" x 5.5".

  • Darning Egg (WW07)


    Darning Egg (WW07)


    This wooden egg makes the task of weaving yarn ends on sleeves and toes so much easier. (Also great when it's time to Kitchener.) Simply tuck the egg under the area you're working on and get to work. You don't have to worry about mistakenly catching in...

  • Gray + Red Zip Sweatshirt - 3XL

    The Loopy Ewe

    Gray + Red Zip Sweatshirt - 3XL


    This generously sized red and gray hooded sweatshirt is a cozy way to show your love for knitting! This full zip sweatshirt has split pouch front pockets and a silver zipper with a fun red hood lining for a pop of color. Fiber Content: 50% Cotton/50%...

  • Katrinkles Katrinkles


    $4.00 - $9.00

    Katrinkles is an independently owned and operated business that is proud to offer thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted tools to makers. Their goods are made from locally sourced hardwoods and made in-house by a small dedicated team. You'll love...

  • Lacis Wrist Yarn Ball Holder


    Lacis Wrist Yarn Ball Holder


    Worn on the wrist, it holds your yarn while you knit, crochet or tat. Great for when you don't have a lot of space to spread out, or when you want to knit on the go. To use, insert the pin through the center of of the skein or cake and place the point...

  • Loopy Colored Project Bag Tags

    The Loopy Ewe

    Loopy Colored Project Bag Tags


    We take our project bags so many different places, don't we? Don't risk losing your project and bag! Add this ID tag with your name and phone number or email address, and your project will always find its way home to you. This set includes 3 luggage...