Payments & Billing

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We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Check, and Money Order. This includes most pre-paid credit and gift cards. If you pay with a pre-paid credit or gift card, we ask that you keep the card until you have received your order before disposing of it in case we run into any issues in processing your order. Paying by check or money order will delay your order shipment until we've received and processed your payment.

We also accept our gift certificates as a payment method. To use them, you will need to setup an account and enter the 10 character code on your account page. During the checkout process you'll be able to choose your account balance as a payment choice.

All payment transactions occur over encrypted connections, both from your browser to our servers and from our servers to our payment processors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two charges for the same amount showing up on my account?

Usually only one of these is an actual charge and the other is an "authorization". During the online checkout process we will authorize the funds from your account (putting a temporary hold on them). After we have pulled and packed your order we will officially charge and transfer funds from your account. Depending on your bank, these may show up very similarly and appear disconcerting. If you still feel there's a mistake, please contact us.

Why do I keep getting payment declines during checkout?

That's a complicated answer. Typically we're able to show you as much information as we get back from our payment processor to try and help you figure out what the problem is. In most cases, your bank will likely have the most information about why a transaction was declined.

If you continue having problems, your most timely alternative may be to use a different payment method.

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