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Our online catalog has an accurate listing of everything we have in-stock and available to you. We take great care in professionally photographing our products to make sure that what you see on the website reflects what you'll be receiving in your order (note that some monitors may not accurately display colors). We may not be able to meet you in person (right away), but we still love having you visit our shop online.

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw an item in the store earlier, but it's no longer there; where did it go?

It most likely means we're currently sold out of the product, as we only list products that we currently have in stock on our website. If you'd like, you may call or email us to be contacted when we have restocked the item.

When do you add new products to the website?

We usually add new things each week on Monday afternoons or evenings. When you visit The Loopy Ewe, click on the "See What's New" link on the home page, and you'll quickly see what has been added since the last time you visited. We also announce the new and restocked products on Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter.

What's the best way to score some Wollmeise?

We receive regular shipments from Claudia and we put it up on different days when we receive an order, to give everyone as fair of a chance to get some as we can. We post its availability on our page on at least one of the following: Ravelry, Facebook, or Twitter.

I'd like a sock yarn (or color) that you do not stock. Can you get it for me?

Email us and we'll check for you. We're always happy to special order, any time it's possible.

I just had something stolen from my Shopping Cart! Why do you let this happen?

If we could...we'd love to have unlimited stock of everything we carry! But, like most other shops, we let you put a number of items in your cart and hold them there indefinitely while you think about your order. However, we can't allow all of our inventory to be in limbo while everybody's perusing the store with items in their cart. So, upon completing the checkout process, we reserve the items in your cart and remove them from the available inventory.

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