Elodea Shawl from Catherine

Q4-09 Challenge

This photo was uploaded to our galleries in January 2010.
Photo: customer photo

Knit in amazing Dream in Color Smooshy (my first time knitting lace with this yarn) in Ocean Current colorway. I designed this shawl, and the challenge for me was adapting the Vine Lace stitch pattern to a triangle-type shawl, which I couldn't see had been done before when I searched. (Now I know why...a 9 stitch pattern that shifts by one every two rows is a bit tricky in a triangle pattern!) But I worked it out and like the results.

The other design feature I played with was a bit of shoulder shaping for the top, but I'm not entirely happy with this. Needs a bit more work.

The Vine Lace when put together with this gorgeous Ocean Current blue-green colorway made me think of seaweed shapes. But I live about as far away as it is possible to get from the ocean. So instead, I named the shawl after the species name of common pondweed,whose long underwater strands it also resembles, and which is found in every lake and marsh up here in the North.

Elodea is a much prettier name than Pondweed, don't you think?


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