Twisty Time of Year Mittens from Catherine

Camp Loopy - Project Two

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This photo was uploaded to our galleries in August 2011.
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I love this yarn! Such a lovely color, and wonderful to knit with.

It's obvious that I designed these mittens as I knit...they are fraternal twins. I knit a ‘thumb trick’ style thumb on the first mitten and didn’t like it, so made a mitered thumb for the second mitten to decide which I liked better. (I may reknit mitten #1 some day.) I also experimented with the cable pattern and shaping multiple times, keeping notes, and these are the final results but are slightly different. I adapted the cable pattern from one I saw in a stitch dictionary before I started -- but at the moment, I can’t remember which book. I recreated the main pattern from memory when I actually got to that part, as I was away on vacation (at CAMP!) when I knit it. More pics on Ravelry.

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