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Camp Loopy - Project Three

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I took a chance on this one. I had picked the pattern and had selected the yarn (Dream in Color) but DD wanted to stay true to the name ...and make it green. LE didn't have enough for this sweater. :( So 99% of this sweater was knit in AT Royal Alpaca..that is 100% alpaca. It got terrific ratings ...bu a whole sweater of softness for a pattern that usually went for a crisp look? Oh yes! This is heavenly soft and because it is knit Knit in one piece from right front around the body to the left front, it gets around alpaca's tendency to drape. I was afraid I'd knit this only to frog it but not true. I did use a skein of DC Shiny Moss to reinforce the button band. The buttons were perfect but not the feather light I'd need for the alpaca. This came together perfectly ...even if my model was once again missing for the photo shoot.

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