"A Lenten - Advent Scarf" from Christine

2012 First Quarter Challenge

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The shawl was meant to be completed during Advent 2011, but honestly, who has time to do such a project during Advent?!!! (maybe gals who are superbly organized, but that description is of someone other than myself!) So I started this project on the 5th of Feb 12 and have used it largely as my Lenten meditation, completing it at 10:41 pm on the 30th of March AEDT, and completing the blocking set up 31st March at about 8:42pm AEDT. We go to AEST tonight as Daylight Savings ends here in Australia. I can do with the extra hour "beauty" sleep! I loved working with the Cascade Heritage Merino/Silk blend fingering - it was heavenly to knit! The pattern comes from Ravelry thanks to Kristin Benecken, a wonderful designer!

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