"The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People" from Lisa

Camp Loopy 2012 Project One

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Yay me!! I finished and on time! I am so happy with the way this turned out! This is my very first shawl/wrap/kerchief ever and a little over 400 yds! The pattern is quite flexible- she says not to worry about gauge, you can use a needle size from 4-7 or bigger if you wish. There are also garter rows that you can put in as frequently as wanted or not at all. I chose to put in a few at different intervals. My main color is Shibui Sock in Finch. I LOVE Shibui yarn! My contrast color is Woolen St. Mills "Ron Weasley". I definitely plan to use this shawl a lot! The colors domake me happy and think of sunshine. In the gray wintertime here in Dairyland, this will come in very handy! Thanks for challenging me Loopy Ewe!

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