Narrow Driftwood from Mel

Camp Loopy 2012 Project Three

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When my yarn arrived I realised that they wouldn't work well together and so i decided to knit something different , well actually i knit both the original plan with my madtosh vintage in forestry with some natural in stash and I knit my madtosh vintage trodden with madtosh vintage in Kale from my stash which I received from a friend a while back and I came up with this, I am really happy with how it turned out :0) you would not think the colours would go well together looking at them together in the skein or cake, but with just the narrow stripe the kale influenced the colour of the trodden and I really love how it turned out and so very happy to have completed camp loopy 2012 :0) Thanks so much Sheri and the elves for all the fun you come up with for us all, I am looking forward to the 4th quarter challenge now :0)

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