Knitting Muggles

Photo: Little Loopy with some fun

We know how it goes. You're extremely enthusiastic about knitting, love perusing for just the right color, frequently pausing to feel and smell the yarn, and spending extra time to imagine the projects you can make. But… somehow the rest of your family just doesn't fully appreciate your patience and dedication to the fiber world and they don't want to stay more than five minutes (or worse they don't even want to come at all).

If you're feeling generous you can always try the usual promises (just make sure you keep them!) of hand-knit socks, scarves, shawls, mittens, or nose-warmers. However, you might also try suggesting some of these nearby detours* to make your shopping trip to Loopy Central a bit more tolerable to the non-knitters in your life…

Of course, if all else fails, you can always remind your shopping troupe that we have a couple of comfy couches at the front of our shop where they can wait.

* some people may consider some of these detours as bribery… we simply believe it is a way to make everybody's shopping trip a bit more enjoyable…

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