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Favorite Knitting Place and a CONTEST!

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Monday, November 6th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSC00060.JPGIn my last post I mentioned that Knitting Daughter and I would be spending the day knitting and watching movies on Friday. It was a great day! We packed some Loopy orders, then headed to Starbucks for my favorite Pumpkin Spice latte (how much longer is Pumpkin Spice available?). Finally, we settled in for some knitting. It got me to wondering about all of YOU. Who is your favorite knitting partner? And where is your favorite place to sit and knit? Here’s my favorite place – this comfortable recliner in our family room. Since we have two, Knitting Daughter gets to sit in the other one. Frequently, the cat is perched on the back of my chair, watching the birds at the birdfeeder outside this window. (In another post I’ll have to tell you about the squirrels at the birdfeeder…..)

DSC00059.JPGKnitting Daughter has been working on these great purple socks out of Jigsaw. It’s a fun self-striping yarn and purple is her favorite color. She is almost done with the twin to this, except for a bit of frogging that she decided she needed to do last night. Heels are her most unfavorite part of socks. Other than that, she’s a sock addict and already has several other balls of yarn picked out for future socks.

DSC00057.JPGI worked on a few things. I knitted these fingerless gloves (the pattern – Fetching – is on out of Schaefer Lola. I used Lola for my Sock Wars socks and totally fell in love with it. Knits up fast and I love the feel and texture. Of course the gloves don’t take much yarn, so I’m using the rest of the ball to make a pretty lacey scarf. (Yes, I too, thought I was done making scarves. But I will like having one to match my gloves and the lacey bit of pattern makes it more interesting. I also knitted up a new yarn that I love. DSC00058.JPGThis one is called Loopy Blooms from Yarntini! (Do sheep eat flowers? Jessie – from Yarntini – and I decided that at least my Loopy eats flowers – thus, Loopy Blooms was born, our signature colorway from Yarntini. Also patterned after colors on the homepage, but I like the concept of Loopy’s favorite snack even more!) Our Yarntini order will be in the first or second week of December and will include Loopy Blooms. I must say, I haven’t been a big fan of self-striping yarns. It’s fun to watch the colors appear in order, but the variegated yarns always catch my eye first. I may have just changed my own mind. I had so much fun knitting with this Yarntini yarn. I think because the colors are not machine-dyed stripes, but have the beautiful look (color saturation, clarity) of hand-dyed yarns. I have decided that I now like hand-dyed self striping yarns. :-) I have more on my list from Yarntini that I want to do. I also worked on another pair of socks this weekend, but it’s from one of our new indie-dyers that I haven’t told you about yet, so I can’t show you that. Her order is not due in until the first week or two of January. No sense getting you excited yet. But you’ll love that line as well! (shhh – and I have a couple more indie-dyer lines to debut in January for you!)

It’s time for my November contest, and this one is so easy. Simply leave a comment telling us 1) where you like to knit, and 2) who you like to knit with. A week from today – next Monday – I will put all entries into a hat and pull one out for a wonderful Loopy Care Package, from me to you! (I’ll email the winner to find out color preferences. Since I love putting together gifts, you know it will be a good one.)

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