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Loopy, Sister Louise, and Brother Black Bart

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DSC00465.JPGYou know, I kind of have fun with Loopy, our mascot. I have this stuffed sheep at the entrance to The Loopy Room that we call Loopy. I knit him 4 red socks and added big googly eyes. He started life in the kindergarten room that my mom taught in, and he has been in the manger scene for the Christmas play at our church. He has been around. Now, he’s just Loopy. :-) (Granted, he should really have a tan face to exactly match the Loopy logo, but we’re letting that slide. We still like him, even though he’s not an exact match.) It has been fun to see Loopy on our totes (did I mention that I added a new little sized tote?) and I especially loved him done up in clay by the talented Katie who makes our stitchmarkers. (Did I mention that those are now back in stock, with more on order?) When I was talking to Angelina over at Zen String, we talked about some exclusive colorways that she might be able to do for The Loopy Ewe. I told her about Loopy’s Sister Louise and Brother Black Bart, and she came up with this fun colorway called “Bart and Louise in the Garden”. (I can assure you, they’re up to no good in that garden – eating all of Mr. McGregor’s vegetables, no doubt. That garden is not just for rabbits.) Come check out our new yarn line from Zen String, just added! Also – new solid colors of Supersock from Cherry Tree Hill. These are beautifully done and match the colors in their variegated colorways as well. Try knitting your toes and heels out of a solid color, and the rest of the sock out of the variegated (or vice versa) for a fun look. Solid colors also show off your intricate lace patterns beautifully. And, everyone’s favorite, Yarn Pirate has been updated as well. This is the first time we’ve had Loopy Blues, Mermaid, Neopolitan, Sweetheart, Malamute and Viola in the Merino/Tencel blend. It’s so interesting to see how the dye takes a bit differently on that yarn base. I love the sheen. Merino/Tencel is great for socks, but also makes beautiful scarves and shawls. I’m thinking I need socks out of the regular Sock Loopy Blues, and a scarf out of the Merino/Tencel Loopy Blues. You know, to match the Vera Bradley Java Blue purse. I love those blues and browns.

DSC00462.JPGMy first Frank sock is done. (Tiger Lily from All Things Heather.) Is this BRIGHT or is this BRIGHT? I decided if I was going to make a Frank, then I would make a major Frank. I actually like it a lot. I’m just trying to imagine wearing it beneath jeans. You can bet that people will see them, and comment on them. I guess that’s a good thing? It has been fun hearing about all of the Franks and Marthas you are working on. Keep up the great work! Another thing I discovered – I can knit during “24″, but I cannot knit during the American Idol tryouts. There is just too much to focus on. Did anyone watch it last night? I don’t even usually watch the regular show, but the tryouts are so entertaining! I think Randy spent way too much time laughing and Simon was just downright mean. Not sure I can stomach too many nights of it, but at least I watched the first one.

DSC00463.JPGCheck out the cute new sheep that came to live here. The first one with the tall spindly legs is impossibly soft and impossibly cute and arrived in the mail from impossibly kind L-B. :-) She sits on top of my computer. (The new sheep. Not L-B.) DSC00464.JPGThe second one I found last week when I was out shopping with Janice-the-Felting-Queen. Now any time I see cute sheep, I think I need to bring them home. (I have yet to feel the need to knit them all red socks. That was just for Loopy.) Does anyone out there have a sheep collection that you want to share pictures of?

(Added later: Yes, it’s true – as usual, the stitchmarkers flew out of here today. Never fear – more are on order and I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive!)

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