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It’s a Three Things kind of a day.

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Monday, July 23rd, 2007 in Three Things

Time for another Three Things post. Why?

3 reasons for the Three Things post:

- I’m still packing orders today from the Dream in Color re-stocking session over the weekend.
- Susan-the-Awesome-Assistant is on vacation this week and is of no help whatsoever. (Oh, but she’s happy to have a break.)
- Nothing else on my mind to blog about today.

Three things I did this weekend:

- photo-ed my stash for Ravelry. Well, most of it. There are a few skeins I kept underwraps, because I’m still deciding on whether or not to add them in here. They’re a secret!
- worked on my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks. I have one 95% done and the other 50% done. They must be mailed 8/2. yikes.
- Fought College Guy over the Harry Potter book which arrived in the mail on Saturday. I lost. He read it in one (long) sitting. I still have not read it.

Three reasons why there may not be a Sneak Up this week:

- WH is still working on all of those photos. Lots of new yarn here.
- I’m not sure I’m ready for another Sneak Up yet, after last week.
- I must read Harry Potter. :-) Right?

Three (groups of three) yarns that will be going up when we DO put one up:

- Yarntini, Yarn Love, The Knittery
- Urban GypZ’s Twisted, Gypsy Knits, Perchance to Knit Laceweights
- Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, Hand Maiden Cashmere, Hand Maiden Sea Silk

Three more yarns that will go up right after that:

- Fleece Artist Somoko
- sKNITches Self- Striping (wait til you see “Loopy’s Red Socks” that Sam did for us!)
- Duets Skinny

Three re-stocks that will be going up whenever we get them in (due soon):

- Interlacements
- Lorna’s Laces
- Apple Laine

Three fun things you should know:

- Wendy gave us her new sock pattern to offer as a free download here. (Is she awesome, or what? It’s gorgeous. Print it out! That’s the link, but it’s also here on the blog by going to “Free Patterns”.) We’ll have some more free patterns from other designers for you eventually, too.
- Sock Club invoices will go out this week and the packages will go out the first or second week in August.
- Loopy is having a great summer vacation. Have you seen her photos lately? SHE met Harry Potter. She has probably already read the book, too. Lucky.

Three annoyances right at the moment:

- there is a fly buzzing in the window that Zoe feels she must take care of
- it’s still hot and humid here in St. Louis
- dinner is in the crockpot and the smell is making me hungry

Three things I must now go do:

- take the international packages to the post office
- go to Sams to buy more peppermints (you know, the chocolate will return when the weather gets cooler)
- read Harry Potter I mean, finish the rest of today’s orders.

So, what three things can you tell me about your day?

Sheri Imadeourfavoriteblueberrypierecipeyesterday-I’llsharethatwithyouonFriday.
ThenImightgiveyouapieceofblueberrypie. :-)

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