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We called in the troops!

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Friday, August 31st, 2007 in Sheri's Recipes

Ok – THAT was a fun Sneak Up! (Seriously – y’all broke all previous records!) In addition to the regular Loopy Elves (Susan, Vicki and Anna), we had to call in both of my folks, WH and KD for order packing on this one. (College Guy lent his support by calling last night to tell us he was glad to be in Indiana, watching from afar. Nice guy.) We’re still working on orders – we’ll try to get them all out by tomorrow, but some may spill over into Tuesday. We really ARE working ’round the clock to get everything out to you. Monday is a holiday here in the U.S., so no mail on Monday. When this week’s orders are done, I’m taking a couple of days off to knit. It’s so nice to have a holiday in there to justify that.

Just to keep you updated - Wendy’s patterns have come and gone, but more will arrive by mid-week next week. We did sell out of most of the Dream in Color shades, but I called Veronica and she’s sending us all that she had to spare on her shelves, today. So we’ll have a bit more to hold us over until the next big regularly-scheduled order arrives the third week in September. Someone asked about the size of our orders. We always order very very big huge orders. Huge pretty much describes it. :-) But you all also have very very big huge appetites for DC. Huge pretty much describes that, too! We aim to keep you filled up as often as Dream in Color can send us yarn. Fortunately, they’re very good to us and delightful to work with. They’ll keep it coming to us, and we’ll keep it coming to you. Apparently you have huge appetites for ShibuiKnits, too. Either that, or you were just having too much fun adding things to your cart. Or maybe both.  They sent another order to us yesterday already. So by mid-week next week, we’ll have all of this back in stock for you again, and of course we plan to keep up with it as fast as these companies can keep us stocked after that. Thank you so much for making this Sneak Up so much fun, and for all your business. We so appreciate you!

The next Sneak Up will be fun, too. We have Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Zen String Bambewe, Chewy Spaghetti and Cider Moon Glacier all ready to pop up for you. In addition, I know that Yarn Pirate, Perchance to Knit, Yarn Love, Wollmeise, Misty Mountain Farms, and Nature’s Palette have either shipped or will ship within the next few days. And of course we have other fun new stuff coming any day, too – so it looks like September is shaping up to be a yarn-filled month for all of us. Yay! (When is the next Sneak Up? Um – as soon as the post office delivers more boxes to us. I think they really wonder about us….. I’ll keep you posted on the next one, of course.)

school-lily8-08011Look at this cute kitten. This is “Loopy Elf Junior” with her new kitten, Lily. LEJ is Susan-the-awesome-assistant’s daughter, and she was the Loopy Elf Junior this summer. She was a great order picker and we loved it when she came in to work with Susan. She got to know our Zoe and decided she really wanted a cat. Susan talked her hubby into allowing a cat into the family. (It was no easy task, believe me.) So Knitting Daughter and I met Susan and LEJ at the humane society a couple of Saturdays ago, and she picked out Lily for them to take home and love. They are having a wonderful time with her and Lily is a lucky little kitten to have found a home with them. Isn’t she a cutie? (Do you know how hard it is to be at the Humane Society and not bring another cat or dog home?)

I know I need to share more HEALTHY recipes with you, but here’s another delicious non-healthy one for today. Once you’ve tried these, you will be hooked.

DSC01035.JPGAunt Ardith’s Special K Bars (I have no idea who Aunt Ardith is, but she came up with some great bars.)

6 cups Special K cereal
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butterscotch chips

Cook sugar and syrup to boil. Take off heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla. Mix well. Pour over cereal and stir to coat. Pour into buttered 9 x 13 pan. Melt chips and spread over the top.

And in case you’re needing more knitting time in your life this holiday weekend, here is the blog post I wrote last year to help you find time over Labor Day Weekend for knitting. I think the ideas will still work for you. I’m planning on adding a few into my weekend as well.

Sheri readyforcoolweather,changingleaves,andwearinghandknitsocksagain

Dream in Color

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 in Shop News

DSC01048.JPGEven more yarn going up in this week’s Sneak Up, because our next mega-order of Dream in Color has arrived. WH loves those – no re-photoing necessary! And of course we have more coming mid-September-ish. I’ll pop the Sneak Up stuff up soon. I did get one sock done out of a skein of the new Sockina Cotton – do you like it? You’ll also be glad to know (because we ALL know about my SSS) that the second sock, knit toe-up, is done past the heel and I just have some cuff left. That will make a pair, for anyone keeping track. Woohoo! I do notice that I knit patterned socks much faster, as they keep me entertained. (Ok, I’m easily entertained.) I think these are going to be really comfortable socks. I’m hoping that as I wash them over and over, they’ll get that “favorite cotton t-shirt” feel to them. Then I’m going to need to make another pair.

DSC01049.JPGRemember when I said we were running out of room in The Loopy Room? WH came up with more pegs on the wall and right now they’re holding some of the 300+ skeins of All Things Heather, waiting for the Sneak Up. Isn’t it pretty? I almost hate to sell it because I love all of that color on the wall! (But I will sell it. Minus the Bandana and Chocolate Kisses I had to take out for myself.) DSC01018.JPGHere’s a photo of another wall in the Loopy Room, just so you can get a picture of where we’re packing all of your orders. It’s just the front end of the room, but you get the idea. I won’t take photos of all of the rest of the walls/shelves/angles here at Loopy, but there’s a little glimpse. The rest you will have to see when you come to the Loopy Retreat next spring and can visit it in person. :-) (This photo is specifically for Wendy’s Friend Blogless L-B, who has asked for a photo of the Loopy Room before.)

I like being surrounded by yarn, but I do not think I’d like being surrounded by sheep. What do you think?

How are you coming on your Q3 Challenge? The challenge was to knit a pair of socks in a pattern that was challenging to you. I thought I’d do a Cookie A pattern, but they keep selling out before I have a chance to take a copy for myself. I DO have a skein of the lovely Wollmeise set aside to work with. (Speaking of lovely Wollmeise – more ships out to us tomorrow – yay!!) So what are you all working on for the Challenge? DSC01047.JPGMaybe I ought to do a different pattern now. We have until the end of September to put the photos up in the Q3 Gallery, so get knitting!

Did anyone else get a Pumpkin Spice Latte on opening day of the season, yesterday? (“Opening day of the pumpkin-spice-lattes-are-back season.”) I celebrated by getting a Venti and I had Barista Donna pose with the first PSL of the season. It’s not necessarily going to edge out the PM’s (Peppermint Mocha’s) but PM’s are available year-round and PSL’s come and go. Certainly worth celebrating, don’t you think? I may need another this morning, too. Is it bad to get Starbucks two days in a row? I really try not to.

Sheri dogishidingundermychairbecauseKnittingDaughterhashercameraout

Back to School, Back to Work

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Monday, August 27th, 2007 in Uncategorized

DSC01042.JPGWell, College Guy is happily back in his dorm room, sharing space with the room-mates. This is the first year that the guys and dads did not have to completely assemble a 3-person loft on move-in day. New “modular”, “stackable” furniture this year was supposed to make it all easier. We had no idea that they’d spend even more time contemplating the best room arrangement for a triple bunk bed, 3 desks, 3 dressers, 3 closets, 3 shelves, couch, refrigerator and tv. None of these large, heavy pieces of furniture were moved any less than 3 times each, in an attempt to find the perfect solution. All three boys and all three dads were glad when the final arrangements had been settled upon and we could actually move them in, lock, stock and barrel. We all left around dinnertime and they finished the unpacking and settling in. (Yep. I’m sad today. But College Guy is happy and that does help. You know, if your kids are happy, you can deal with your own sadness.) I would venture to guess that he’s the only College Guy who went to college with his stuff packed in a big box that said ShibuiKnits on it, and another that said Regia Kaffe Fassett. But that’s just a guess. Now I’m back in the Loopy mode, and catching up on emails and orders from the weekend.

DSC01046.JPGI did get some knitting done in the car, up and back. Look at these little Baby Monkey Socks I made. (They really are exactly the same size – one is back further on the branch than the other!) A friend of mine just had a little boy and I wanted to make something for her. It was fun to make these up as I went along (using Cookie A’s Monkey pattern on the top of the sock.) I emailed to ask her if I could share the pattern on our Free Patterns page, but she’s on vacation until September 7th. I’ll let you know. I really have no idea how that whole thing works. I know people take things from stitch dictionaries and construct their own socks around them and publish them, but this is different because Monkey is just Cookie’s, in my mind. So I’ll keep you posted. But I had a lot of fun knitting them up and I hope the mom and new baby like them! This was made from 1 ball of a new line that just arrived – Crystal Palace’s Merino 5. (Very squishy yarn base – I love it.)

Fun stuff going up in this week’s Sneak Up. Finally, all of that All Things Heather you all have been waiting for, plus Trekking, Sockina Cotton, Austermann Step, Crystal Palace Merino 5, Regia’s Kaffe Fassett, ShibuiKnits, and more Fleece Artist Somoko and Merino. Maybe more Seacoast Panda (the other half of our order) and Zen String Bambewe. We’ll see how far we get. Plus Wendy’s patterns, Addi Turbos, and a new DPI WIP tube that I know you’ll like.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend while I was gone? Any knitting accomplished?

Sheri didyouknowthatPumpkinSpiceLatteswillreturnfortheseasontomorrowatStarbucks?Yum!

It’s gonna be a bummer weekend

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Friday, August 24th, 2007 in Uncategorized

DSC00814.JPGBest day of the entire year: the last day of school. Then I know we get the kids home all summer long!
Worst day of the entire year: the day they go back to school.

Knitting Daughter has been back to high school for a week now, and College Guy (aka Web Guy) goes back up to school in Indiana this weekend. Bugger. Oh, HE’S just fine with it. :-) He likes his school and his friends and his classes. I will admit that it’s easier for me to have him head off there, knowing he’s so happy up there. But it sure is lonely here without him. No College Guy to hang out with, no late night walks around the neighborhood, website issues don’t get resolved quite so fast, printer/computer problems remain a problem until WH gets home at night, etc. And his bedroom. It’s empty when he goes off to school. I hate that. Yep, it’s gonna be a bummer weekend.

Give him a wave goodbye as he goes off to his Junior year of college. (You know he’ll still be taking good care of the website from afar. He’s good about that. He knows we all depend on him!)

Sheri makingmorechocolatechipcookiesthisafternoontosendtoschoolwithhim

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