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Those Pesky Elves

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Friday, December 14th, 2007 in Loopy Q & A

DSC01434.JPGWe have a lot of fun working here – we really do. (And can you even call it “work” when it involves so much yarn??) So I *think* that this sign was left on Loopy in jest, yesterday. There are some Sneak Ups that stretch everyone, and these awesome Elves busted their tails this week to get all of your orders out to you in a timely fashion. It cracked me up to walk by Loopy one day to see this “Free the Elves!” apron tied around his neck. :-)

Once again I’m a happy mom, as I have both kids under one roof again. I just sleep better at night, knowing their bedrooms are full – know what I mean? (Well – those of you who have had kids go off to college or out on their own know exactly what I mean!) College Guy came home last night. I know he will need a few days to catch up on post-finals sleep, but then I have a list for him. (Shhh – don’t tell him. He thinks he’s home on break.) I just re-read that and realized that many of you will email or leave blog comments telling me to “let him have a nice relaxing break” and trust me, I will. I’m just kidding about the list. (sort of).

The Baby Monkey Socks have almost returned! We had a bit of a glitch (called “transferring everything from an old computer to a new computer and losing some of the important things in the process.” AKA “transferring things from old to new and some idiot the computer owner not being able to find everything she needs on the new computer.” AKA “Web Guy is not here to find it when I need it.” FPS.) I have the pattern back and we’re working on formatting it to get up on the Free Patterns link asap. I’m so sorry for the wait. We also have a wonderful new fingerless mitts pattern for children that Monica (of “Monica Knits” pattern fame) has given to us out of the kindness of her heart. So we’ll be getting that up as well.

Update on other things that you have been asking about:
- When will you have more Fiesta Boomerang and Baby Boom? They been backordered since the end of September, but we do anticipate getting our order in late this month and will be fully re-stocked.
- When will you have more Sock Blockers? They are never out of stock for TOO long because WH makes them and can get them turned around pretty quickly for us. So if you’re waiting for a particular size/style and want to know when we’ll have them again, it’s always “soon”.
- How does the Noro feel? Softer than regular Noro, not as soft as most of our sock yarns. How does it feel after washing? I’ve heard it softens up a lot and when you put the socks on your feet, they feel great.
- When is the roving coming in? We have that amazing alpaca roving from Alpaca With a Twist now. We also have our first Sakina Needles shipment on the way, and more coming from Tempted and … a couple of others. It is so fun to have roving in the shop!
- Do you have the new Dream in Color colorways and lace yarn yet? No. Our order of Classy came in yesterday, but we’re still waiting on the rest. We will get it up asap when it arrives, but it might not be next week after all. We’ll keep you posted.
- Are you going to be shipping the week after Christmas, or are you taking that week off? We’ll be here and we’ll be shipping. We also have another great sale opportunity for you from Cherry Tree Hill in their DK Sock Yarn (again, with special limited edition colors, only available here. Cheryl at CTH said, “Tell them we’re setting those dyes aside just for The Loopy Ewe and your customers!”) I have another idea that I’m cooking up, too. We’ll see if we can get both of those things ready for you the week after Christmas. If not, then the first week in January.
- Did my husband/mom/dad/grandparents/aunt/uncle/kids/best friend buy me things from my Wish List? Or a Gift Certificate to The Loopy Ewe? We’ll never tell. (You didn’t really think we would, did you?) But the answer to most of you is probably yes, as there has been a lot of holiday shopping going on. :-)

I think that’s it for questions I keep hearing lately. Did I miss any?

My plans for the weekend? Working on some Noro socks so that I can show you a sample on Monday’s blog. (Plus watching movies and hanging out with my family. I love nights like that. And we’re due to get bad weather, so that makes staying in even more fun.) Your plans for the weekend?

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