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Your perfect knitting room?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 1st, 2008 in Uncategorized

DSC01527.JPGThis is my knitting room in our basement. (Actually, it was where we had our first Loopy space. Can you believe we started in this cute little room? I can’t believe that either. We went from here to “the whole rest of the basement” to where we are now. We like where we are now. But I digress.) I decided that this little spot would be a nice place for knitting. I put in a comfy chair (which is just barely visible in the right corner) and a case for my sock yarn stash, and an area for my spinning wheel and roving. I love it down there. I really need to add a bookcase for my knitting books. (The antique cameras are WH’s collection, and I like those, too.) DSC01532.JPGSo I’m interested in hearing what you all would do with a room to make it your ideal “knitting room”. I would add a fireplace and windows. Not possible in my room, but it would definitely be on my “ideal” knitting room list. I’ll probably add a little tv on that cabinet there. That’s do-able. And obviously I will need much more storage space for roving, so I’ll have to deal with that as I go along. But I do like it in there. Now I just need to find more time to be there. Maybe “no clocks” ought to be a rule in knitting rooms. Who wants to watch the time when there is knitting to be done? (Hey – if you click to enlarge the spinning wheel photo, you’ll see an eerie picture of Zoe, hiding behind my wheel. That brings up another “must have” in a knitting room – a cat or two. But preferably ones who won’t play with the yarn or roving. I lucked out – neither of our cats play with knitting stuff, although they’re totally up for playing with yarn if you pull it along the floor and make it look fun.)

DSC01537.JPGWe’ve been busy putting away yarn and adding more shelves here. Here is my favorite row – we call it “Dream in Color Alley”. (Is that like Diagon Alley in the HP books?) Actually, it’s not currently fully stocked and it only contains the Smooshy and the Classy – the Baby is in our lace section. But boy is it fun to have a whole row of DC. Don’t you love the smell of their yarn? That whole row smells great.

I made it through all 689 entries of last week’s blog contest, and it’s time for the winners! Actually, since there were so many entries, I drew three names to win instead of one. All winners have been emailed. Congratulations to Sharon in TX, Chris in Canada, and Jen, who will be getting a skein of Wollmeise as their prize. I think this was one of my most favorite blog contest questions, as it was just so fun to read all of the responses. BOY did you all make me feel a lot better. :-)

Sheri wehadsomuchsnowlastnightthattodaywasanoschoolsnowday-woohoo!

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