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Around Here? Loopy. And Icy.

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 22nd, 2008 in Finished Socks, Shop News

Aaaahhh. Y’all make me feel so much better. If I’m loopy, then I’m certainly in good company. (And for those of you who read the last post and wondered about all of us? You really need to get your “loopy” on. Just sayin’.)

It’s another icy day here in St. Louis. Schools are closed for the second day in a row (which means Knitting Daughter will be in again to help pack orders – after she sleeps in and enjoys her morning.) My friend Janice in Iowa has cried “Uncle!” this winter season. She has had enough snow to last her for a long long time. So I’m wondering, if “uncle” means “enough”, does “aunt” meant “keep it coming!”? I love this weather. Not necessarily driving in it, but I love sitting inside and watching it come down. Is there anything cozier than sitting by the fire with your family, latte and knitting in hand? Maybe a good movie on the tv, or maybe with the tv off completely? I think not. (Well – maybe a fire, a latte and a good book if the family isn’t around.)

IMG_1785.JPGHere’s a photo of my Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingering sock that I finished up over the weekend. This is soft and squishy sock yarn. Fun to see how the colors knit up. (I used the Stansfield 16 pattern on it, which is one that I like for yarns with a lot of colors, where a more detailed pattern would get lost. It’s from one of Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Socks books.) We have sold out of most of the Farmhouse yarn already, but will have more again soon. One of my favorite colors is still in stock – Autumn. It’s beautiful! And now that I’m done with this sock, I started that gorgeous green sock yarn that I’ve been dying to cast on for a bit now. That is from The Sanguine Gryphon, and we will have that up in the next Sneak Up. It’s knitting up beautifully. I’m so glad to have this line coming to The Loopy Ewe!

A few quick answers to the questions I have been getting:

- We will have a full re-stock of Dream in Color Classy around mid-March. I will let you know via the blog when it’s back in, and we will offer the DC-KAL discount on it for those participating in the KAL, one more time for a week or so. I’ve lost count of how many of you are KALing with us, but it’s a ton of people and it will be a lot of fun! (We can’t take pre-orders on the colors, so just keep an eye on the blog if you’re waiting on it.)

- Smooshy gets fully re-stocked every month – it’s a standing order (just like Classy and Baby). We will have more of that in March, too.

- Rio de la Plata will be here again in about 2 weeks. Aruacania and Noro have both been on re-order since before our first orders even arrived, and I have no idea when those orders will be in. No one seems to know. FPS. (I’m wearing my Noro socks again today. Love them.)

- All Things Heather is coming back! The order just shipped. We’re so glad that Heather is set up again for dyeing, now that they’re settled in in CA.

- Thanks for your wonderful response to our new Loopy Legends line. (To see all of the colorways we had, click on the “0″. My very favorite colorway out of all 12 of them was the one that is still in stock – Janice’s Sunshine in Winter. I took a skein of that out as soon as I opened the boxes up! Although I must say, I really did love all of them and have plans to continue adding to my stash with each order that we get in. I just didn’t want to hog take any more than one the first time.) Yes, all of the colorways have been re-ordered. We have a couple of other orders in with Zen String first, but then we’ll get more of those Legends colorways. Plus, we’ll probably introduce another 12 Legends sometime this summer.

- More Wollmeise will be up sometime in the first couple of weeks in March. I’ll announce it the week before on the blog. (We can’t take pre-orders on Wollmeise – sorry!)

- Yes, I will order more of the Loopy’s Red Canvas Tote bags again. Today. Also, more travel mugs will arrive in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to be packing this week’s Sneak Up orders until the cows come home, so thank you very much for your patience with our “little longer than normal” turn-around time. We’re working as fast as we can! We so appreciate your orders this week. :-)

Sheri contrarytowhatyoumightbelieve,IhavenotgivenupStarbucksforPeets.

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