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The Loopy Elves take over!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 29th, 2008 in Uncategorized

DSC01380.JPGSheri’s blog today is brought to you by The “Loopy Elves”.

Why are the Elves writing today’s Blog? Well, it all started back in December when we were trying to figure out what to buy Sheri for Christmas. Think, think, think, what does Sheri want? The only thing we came up with was “time”. Now, since you cannot buy time, we had to think of some creative ways to save Sheri time. We decided a few surprises to save her some time through the year might be fun. In January, we all came in to work one night to help get the Sneak Up orders finished for that week. The February time saver is writing one blog. We could write more, but we know Sheri likes writing her blog, so we can’t take away her fun. In March, we are going to …. Oh wait, we can’t say, because that would ruin the surprise. (Vicki, Mary and Susan are in this photo.)

What happens at Loopy Central anyway? Well, we have a lot of fun. Sneak Up days can be a little crazy, but everyone seems to have their jobs. Vicki is usually the order puller, Anna is our #1 wrapper (we believe she wraps so well based on her previous life as a newborn nurse-wrapping all those little bottoms). Kathy, Inventory Manager, is the expert boxer (that is, putting the orders in boxes) and properly labeling them for whoever is printing the labels. Mary fills in wherever needed, and usually does some pulling, wrapping, and boxing before she heads home. Sue is also an expert wrapper, and prefers to spend her time wrapping and pulling instead of printing shipping labels. Sue is also great at remembering all the little notes that you all add to your orders. Susan is the main printer of shipping labels and answering the phone (but if you have a specific knitting question, you better ask for Kathy). Wendy does some of the photography (although WH still does some of the photos and all of the actual color correcting before the photos go up on the website). Rachel just started last week and is still learning the ropes. We had her jump right in.

DSC01373.JPGOther fun facts at Loopy: if it is your day off, you will be blamed for anything that goes wrong. (Well – in the most loving way possible.) We do double check orders, but sometimes we do make mistakes. (We hate that.) We don’t call them mistakes when pulling orders, we call them “tests” for the people wrapping the orders. It has been noted by several Elves, that Susan gives the most “tests” (obviously her past life as a teacher coming into play). Thank goodness our wrapping Elves are good students and catch most of the mistakes “tests” before the order goes out and then arrives at your door. (Sue, Kathy and Anna are in this photo. Rachel and Wendy are photoless – we’ll get them later.)

We do have chocolate breaks, and we all try to eat at least 4 carrots a day (Vicki’s rule). Anna and Sue always seem to know what is going on in the world and with the weather, which in St. Louis, is always changing. Several of the Elves have children at the same school, so if there is something going on at school, sometimes we leave Loopy Central shorthanded. Of course, that is one of the best things about working here—the flexibility! We also love yelling out our favorite customer names, yarn names (Eureka), and certain street names, (Savsangaregatan). We really do have fun at work, and some of us are even learning how to KNIT!

Let’s see, well, it wouldn’t be any fun if we couldn’t tell you a few things coming to The Loopy Ewe, boxes arrive everyday! (Just ask Kathy). We just received some new bags, and believe it or not, new yarn, if only we could remember the name….. :-) (We’re not really going to tell you any secrets. You’ll see soon enough!)

Anyway, thanks for letting us take over the blog for a day, and many thanks for giving us job security with all your orders!!

The Loopy Elves wholoveandappreciateallofyoualmostasmuchasSheridoes

P.S. Note from Sheri: Aren’t the Elves fun? And thank you ALL for the very fun birthday wishes!! It was a wonderful day yesterday and you put a lot of smiles on my face! Now I’m off for a few days of college visits with Knitting Daughter, so no blog on Monday and no emailing for a bit. But I’ll be back with you on Wednesday the 5th. Until then, have a great weekend and get lots of knitting done. I’m working on this pattern with a new lace line that we have coming in soon. Woohoo!

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