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We wonder….

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-3Ever wonder what we talk about as we pack your orders here at Loopy Central? Well, pretty much everything from A to Z, actually. (We have fun!) But today I kept a list of the things we wonder about all of you. (I thought this was a good “wonder” pose from Gracie.) :-) So here are the things we’ve been wondering and discussing lately. Feel free to leave us some answers if you’re so inclined. (Also, feel free to let us know what you wonder about us!)

1. How many people hide stash from husbands or significant others? (Elf Marianne says the trunk is a great place to hide stash. Not that we’re encouraging that.)

2. What is the sneakiest place you’ve ever stashed yarn?

3. How do you find the time to F5 for Wollmeise Sneak Ups? (Many of us would rather be F5-ing than cleaning house, for instance.)

4. Do you knit at stop signs?

5. Who blogged about a Jitterbug project lately that has everyone buying the same colors this week?

6. How close do you cut it when knitting on a deadline? (We get emergency calls. We know.)

7. Speaking of emergencies, has anyone had a true knitting emergency? Other than a deadline or a birthday gift that you needed yesterday?

8. How many projects have you started and not yet completed? (Some of you may take the Fifth on this.)

9. What is your favorite colorway name? (We liked Blended Frog, in a weird sort of way.)

10. What kind of funny looks have you received when posing Little Loopy or the Loopy Postcard for taking photos? (Elf Donna had someone call her a freak when she did this out in Colorado.)

11. Have you ever had your order shipped to someone else’s house (or your work) to keep it a secret?

12. And the most important question the Elves want to know – “How come no one ever knits socks for us?” (I told them they all have to learn to knit their own socks. Some are socks knitters, and others …. are not. But we’re working on that.)

Sheri wealsotalkabouttheinterestingstreetnamesyouallhave,

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