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Questions and Answers and Photos

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 18th, 2008 in Uncategorized

DSC01958.JPGAs promised, here are the questions you all have been asking and emailing lately. And because a list of Q&A is just boring, I have added in “detail” photos taken here at Loopy. See if you can figure out what each one is (before you read the comments or the P.S. at the bottom, where I’ll put the answers!)

- Yes, we have the Noro Silk Garden Sock here. We’re photoing it this week and it will go up next week. We have so many bags of it that I doubt we will ever have to re-order it again, but you’re welcome to prove me wrong. :-)
– Yes, we have several hundred skeins of Cherry Tree Hill’s special Possum Sock coming in. We’re getting it in exclusive colors so it’s taking a little longer to dye, but we hope to have it in the next week or two. (Warmer than Alpaca, softer than cashmere, rarer than either one. You need some.)
DSC01959.JPG - Yes, we will be getting the Harry Potter Opal yarns in as soon as they are ready to ship them out. (Yes, we heard about the disastrous flooding, yes that does affect how much of our original order we’ll be able to get, but yes, we already have more on order for the second shipment.)
– Yes, we have more new indie dyers already working on orders for us, yes we have more regular yarn companies that we’ll be adding in over the next several months, No, we are not going to be adding in any more bags or totes, FPS. DSC01960.JPG(That’s a bald-faced lie. We all know that I have bag issues and am always on the lookout for other interesting ones. But with the new space, I have room for lots, right? And I did sort of order more bags today when one of my reps stopped by. ahem.)

Now for the questions that weren’t as easy as yes/no:
- What wheels will we carry?
To begin with, Schacht, Louet, and Ashford. At least that’s the plan. The Schacht wheels should be arriving soon.

DSC01961.JPG- When will we have more sweatshirts in other sizes? We have a new style and color for you and we’ll show you a photo when they all come in. We love the sweatshirt jackets that we bought the first time, but thought it’d be more fun to get a new style and color whenever we need to re-order. (Personally, we think a whole Loopy Ewe wardrobe is a fine idea.)
– Can you get other fabrics in the Lawre’s Laine bags? We have more on order.
– When will you have more Dream in Color Smooshy/Classy/Baby in? We have standing orders with them every month, so we get re-stocks of it often. So the answer to that question is always “soon”. In fact, more Smooshy went up yesterday afternoon. Did you see?

- When will you have more of the Loopy Legends in? Angelina (Zen String) DSC01962.JPGis the dyer of that line for us and she has had a busy summer of moving. She promised that we were next up on her list as soon as she has a dye area again. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t be much longer. (And it’s about time to add 12 more Legends to the line – that’s exciting!)
– When will you have ________ in again? (The blank is usually filled in with one indie dyer or another.) We have standing orders in with most of our wonderful indie dyers, which means that they’re usually working on something for us. We keep quite a few here at TLE so that in any given week, we have one or two or several indie selections to update and offer to you. Most can only do orders for us every 4-10 weeks in the quantities that we order (it depends on the dyer), so we have enough different lines to be able to rotate. I can pretty well guarantee that you’ll never find ALL of our indie lines stocked at the same time. They’re all on different schedules and we like it that way. (Because you know, if they were all IN at the same time, they’d probably end up all being OUT at the same time, too.)
DSC01963.JPG - “What’s going to be in the Second Anniversary Kit??” Well fun stuff, of course! We have a special colorway that Jana at Hand Maiden dyed up for us on the Casbah yarn base, along with a pattern that Debbie O’Neill designed to go with that very color, and then we added three other things to the kit as well. The kit is called “Loopified”, because when we’re doing orders each day and we come to one that has a new Loopy Groupie, we say “Loopify them – woohoo!” :-) It seemed like a fitting name to celebrate our Second Anniversary. We’ll share a photo of our “Loopified” kit as soon as we get the last two items in. We’re hoping to have this kit up sometime the first week in August.

And that’s the way things stand at the moment. If you have another question that I didn’t answer, just email. Also, several of you keep emailing and asking why I don’t put myself in the Limelight. That seems a little strange to me, but if you have questions that you’d like to submit for that, I can try to do that sometime. Email me any questions and if there are enough things that you want to know, we’ll work on it. (I mean LOOPY will work on it, of course. Loopy does the interviewing.) Email is: sheri AT theloopyewe DOT com I promise to forward them right on over to Loopy.

I’m heading up to the Chicago area today for a weekend with my friend Janice. We’ll be at the Midwest Fiber Festival on Saturday, in case any of you will be there as well. We’d love to see you! (Note – no email capabilities until I get back into the office on Monday, so I’ll catch up with emails then.)

Sheri canIbuysheepataFiberFestival?Ithinkweneedsome.Don’ttellWH.

(Speaking of details – could you guess what was in each close-up photo? Here are the answers:

1. Loopy’s Eye
2. The heart brad on our needle inventory cards.
3. The machine that spits out all of your shipping labels.
4. Part of the “h” in our “The Loopy Ewe” letters on the wall.
5. A section of the over-sized sock blocker that the Spring Flingers all signed.
6. This one was just a test to make sure you were paying attention….

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