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Possums and Wheels

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 25th, 2008 in Uncategorized

We’ve had fun getting in more boxes this week! On Wednesday, it was the overload of Possum Sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. We have 32 unique (beautiful!) colorways that we have photoed and they’ll be up on the website next week. (What in the world is “possum” doing in sock yarn? Making it really really warm and toasty, that’s what.) This comes from New Zealand possums, which are much nicer looking and much peskier than their American namesakes. They are destroying the environment in New Zealand and using their fur in a yarn blend is one positive that can come from them. Cheryl at Cherry Tree Hill is only able to get the mill to spin this yarn base for her once in a blue moon, so she doesn’t anticipate that she’ll have it again for several more years. The yarn is soft and takes dye beautifully. I can’t wait for you to see the photos. (I grabbed a few skeins from the top box so that I could have a quick blog photo for you. Click on the photo to enlarge it.) This is perfect for socks, scarves, mittens and gloves. For those of you who want to make warm shawls, we still have some possum laceweight left from Cherry Tree Hill. It’s incredibly soft, too!

The other boxes that arrived are the Schacht Spinning Wheels! Silly me, I thought these wheels would come packaged in compact boxes like Louet, and we’d have to put them together. Nope. They come assembled with a box built around them. So you can imagine the space they are taking up here! We have the Matchless Double Treadles and the Ladybugs in. (We can special order the Single Treadles or their other wheels for you.) I’m itching to take one of each out of their boxes and set them up for spinning here at Loopy, but I’m not letting myself. First of all, we won’t have the room to do that until our expansion space is open. Secondly, I need to save this first batch for all of you. But SOON, I am going to have one of those cute Ladybugs with the RED wheel sitting here for spinning. We’ll have the wheels up for sale on the website early next week, too. (It looks like we are only going to be able to ship these to the 48 continental states, and we will ship them out to you via UPS.)

Several of you have asked what scarves I have on the needles. (Remember I told you that I had FOUR on the needles? Turns out I was wrong. I have six.) I have two scarves of Wollmeise going – one in another Feather and Fan pattern and one in a lace pattern that I bought at Knitch a few weeks ago, one in a Chevron-type pattern out of Noro Silk Garden Worsted (mmm – warm and wonderful. I’m using colorway 282), two regular Chevron patterned scarves – one in Fiesta Boomerang (Madrid and Plum Pudding) and one in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport (Jeans and Vera) and my KAL scarf out of Dream in Color Baby (In Vino Veritas) with the Gust pattern. Since I’m almost done with the Noro Silk Garden Worsted, I’m about ready to cast on another. I think that any normal person knitting person would do the same thing, when faced with completing a project. Why not start up another? This time I’m making another Feather and Fan out of the new Noro Silk Garden Sock in that gorgeous ivory colorway. I have a rather goofy looking chenille-type scarf (one of my first scarves that I knit up several years ago – it really needs to be retired) that I seem to grab a lot in the winter. I know it’s because ivory/cream/natural tones go with whatever sweater or coat you’re going to wear it with. I’m doing myself a favor and knitting up a new one with the Silk Garden Sock, so that I can get rid of the other one. (In the photo – the top three don’t really have too much finished. And look at how the Gust heads off to one side in a bias as you knit it. I’ve been assured that this blocks out. The bottom three have more done and are turned under. I really ought to finish some of these…)

So am I alone in this continual casting-on, or are there some of you out there who start new things even though you have other projects going that you still like working on? I know people cast on when they get tired or frustrated with other things, but what if you LIKE all of the things that you’re working on? Does that stop you from starting other things? You’d think that it would.

Sheri besideswheelsandpossumsocks,ourfunnewLoopysweatshirtswillgoupnextweek,too!

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