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Rain, Flooding and Loopy’s Summer Vacation Voting!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 in Shop News

Texas Loopies – is everyone ok?? We have a Hurricane Ike thread going on over on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry, so we’ve kept up with a few of you over the past several days. I hope everyone is doing well – and in the other parts of the country that experienced Ike-Backlash, too. Let us know.  Here in Missouri, the flash floods almost got us. We’re not in a regular flood zone – you know, the kind where all of the snow melts further up north and comes down the river and slowly makes the rivers rise down here until they hit “flood stage”.  But we do have a teeny tiny (literally) creek and apparently it’s been known to “back up” with flash flooding. There was so much rain in such a short period of time that many houses and businesses were flooded.  We drove by Loopy Central on Sunday morning and had a moment of panic.  The first photo (click on photos to make them bigger) is what the front (corner) of the building typically looks like.  There is a big field next to it and a very small creek past the tree line over there on the left. You wouldn’t know the creek was there if you hadn’t been told.  It’s about 8-10 feet down in a ravine, and all of 3 feet wide on a typical day.  I have often joked with my landlord about putting a flock of sheep out there in that nice big, green field.  Sometimes we see deer wandering through there.  On Sunday, it looked like the second photo.  One big, muddy pool. And this was not the crest, as we could see the debris when we drove into the parking lot, indicating that it had gone higher. The third photo shows the corner of the back of our building and how close the water was when we were here.  We’re on the opposite side of the building, but that’s probably not all that significant when flash flooding is going on.  We checked and everything was dry inside, so it looks like the water didn’t get as high as the building itself.  When we drove by 2 hours later, it was all back down and there was a field there again. (The “up” side of flash flooding – although it rises quickly, it also goes away quickly.) Probably a good thing we never pursued the sheep idea, right?  (I was just kidding, really. No matter how much fun it would be.  But I’m the type of person who would’ve gotten up at 3 am in the pouring rain just to drive over and check on them to make sure they were ok.  And of course I would’ve made WH come with me.  For that reason alone, he would never go along with such a silly idea as having a flock of sheep.)

I started on my project for our next Loopy Challenge and I love it! I’m learning new things.  This project challenged me to learn colorwork, two-handed knitting, and chart reading. I was talking to Loopy Friend Sharon about charts and she said, “If a pattern isn’t charted, then I go ahead and make one.  I don’t knit from written directions if I can help it.” I said, “And I’m just the opposite.  If something is charted, I write it up as written directions. I don’t knit from charts if I can help it!”  Well obviously I had to become a better chart reader.  Fortunately this one was easy. And I’m so happy to have conquered the two-handed knitting thing, as it’s so much easier for doing colorwork. (In addition, I’m understanding how much fun it is to do colorwork….)  Can anyone guess the pattern I’m using or the item I’m making? Or the new Challenge? (Hint – it’s not a challenge to use a specific yarn, and it’s not a challenge to do colorwork.) I’ll fill you in on the Challenge on Friday. I’m anxious to finish this so that I can wash and block it and see how it turned out.

It’s time to cast your votes for your favorite “Loopy’s 2008 Summer Vacation” photos! You’ll find over 250 shots from Loopy’s photo album and by the looks of it, he had an amazing summer. Check out all of the places he went and the people he met.  It’s a wonder that he agreed to come back here and live at Loopy Central until we start it all over again next May. (Although he’s a bit puffed up about it all.  We’ll have to humble him a little before we allow him out with all of you again.) So take a look and send us your vote for any or all of the categories below.  Send your answers to susan AT theloopyewe DOT com by 9/30, and we’ll have prizes for all of the winners!

- best “far away” place that Loopy visited
- most interesting famous person that Loopy met
- most unusual place that Loopy visited
- favorite photo that Loopy was in

Last but not least – We put all of the Cascade 220 up last night, along with Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain (have you seen the free pattern that we had designed for 1 skein of Swiss Mountain? Wonderful gift idea), new colors of Louet Gems, more Beanie Baggies, and a re-stock of some Noro Kureyon Sock colorways that sold out in the beginning and have been backordered ever since. We had to increase the “What’s New” pages to 18 just to handle it all!  Just for fun, try out our Beta-Mode “Search the Loopy Ewe” function. Click on that link on the homepage and then bring Cascade up in the vendors list.  If you also click on the “Tiled List” icon, you’ll get to see thumbnail photos of 50 colors at a time. (And then there are 5 pages of the Cascade to see.) Cool, huh? Another Web Guy invention. We hope to finish it up over the holidays, as not all yarn weights and single colors show up in those searches and we have more fun things to add.  But it’s nice to play with in the meantime. :-)

Sheri nowtostartworkingonalloftheyarnthatcameinwhilewewereburiedinCascade.

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