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I’m here – and Harry is, too!

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Monday, September 29th, 2008 in Shop News

I’m halfway-back. :-)  (That just means I’ll be a little part-time this week).  But more importantly, our Opal Harry Potter line is here, too! We’ve been waiting a long time for this and I know you’ve been watching for it. This is a smaller stock than we ordered (due to flooding in the Opal warehouses that destroyed some of the yarn) but we have plenty more on order, which is due to arrive as soon as their second round ships. Probably about a month. So start with this batch and we’ll get more up for you asap. This morning, we also put up: Enchanted Knoll Farm Fingering Weight, new Zecca re-stock, Namaste Bags, 3 AM Enchantments bags (new indie artisan – great sock bags), Gypsy Knits DK, Earthly Hues Fingering, Enchanted Knoll Roving, Hand Maiden Sea Silk and our Loopy Ewe striping colorway from Lorna’s Laces in the Sport Weight.  It was a fun morning! Now we start working on the things that are in here for the next Sneak Up. It never ends – but we like it that way.

Thanks SO much for all of your wonderful emails, cards, cookies, flowers, fruit, caramel corn, and fun packages last week when I had surgery. You all are such an encouragement! I can’t say that it was a fun week, but each day gets better and I’m here at Loopy Central for awhile today, so that’s a step in the right direction. I didn’t do the amount of knitting and reading that I had planned on (and did more sleeping than I had planned on), but I did finish my first Transition Glove, which I love!  (Yarn is from the Wollmeise Sock Club, but there are all kinds of wonderful yarns out there to use with this pattern.) I’m glad to hear that so many of you are participating in our Fall Challenge – it will be interesting to see all of the “hand coverings” that you choose to knit up.  I’m ready to cast on my second glove this week.

I appreciate all of your good wishes for our Parents Weekend trip to college last weekend, too. We loved seeing College Guy and College Girl and they’re both doing just great. We found plenty of nice places to eat to relieve them of the DC (Dining Commons) Experience, including Greeks in Muncie (wonderful pizza in a little place almost in the middle of the Ball State Campus), Ivanhoes (which, as you may remember me mentioning before, has 100 flavors of sundaes and 100 flavors of shakes), and Payne’s (the best coffee, as well as really good panini, as it turns out.) Of course we didn’t just eat all weekend. We made the usual trip to the store to get them both re-stocked on things they need, we hung out, and there was also spinning involved. No, neither of them wanted to spin, but College Guy’s room-mate’s mom (Hi Jari!) is a Loopy Groupie and had just ordered a drop spindle.  I don’t know if there have been many drop spindle lessons in college rooms across the country, but I’ll bet that it’s never been taught in this particular guys dorm room before. She did great and it was my first time to teach someone else how to drop spindle, so I learned along the way, too.

On to emails and the rest of today. What did you all do last week while I was out?

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