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Frog it? Or not?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 in Shop News

I was talking to my friend Valerie and telling her that I had to frog a project I was working on FOUR times last weekend. Granted, I only got a few inches into it each time, but it was far enough to know that I wasn’t happy with it and needed to re-jigger the pattern. She related that she had spent last weekend working on a vest and then noticed a cable-gone-wrong near the bottom, so she frogged it.  That got me to thinking – do you typically frog things when you see a mistake, or do you call it a “creative design” or “happy spontaneity” and move on?  I had one of those in the cables of my Mr. Greenjeans sweater, and I was just fine with leaving it there, missing one crossed row. But this scarf that I was knitting this weekend – I couldn’t leave it.  It would bug me the entire time I was knitting.  So I’m curious – do you ever frog? Or not frog? And if you do, how do you decide what gets frogged and what is ok to leave?

Thank you for your extremely enthusiastic response to the Malabrigo Sock that we put up last evening! It’s beautiful yarn and I know you’ll be happy with all of the skeins you ordered.  You’ll be glad to know that more is already on the way, and a third order is in the queue as well. We will keep you well-stocked with it. I stayed up watching election coverage last night so that I could finish my Malabrigo Sock to show you. I really liked knitting with this yarn and am anxious to pick a color to make for myself! (This one is destined for gift-socks, if I can knit the mate without too much delay.) I used the pattern called “Go With the Flow” from Nancy Bush’s Favorite Socks book. (Note – as with almost all of my socks, I knit it toe up and did a short row toe and heel – so the rest of the sock construction doesn’t follow that pattern.) The stitch pattern is easy and stretchy – perfect for this yarn. I’m already looking forward to seeing more Malabrigo Socks turning up on Ravelry, so that I can decide what pattern I want to use on my next pair. (See? I said “pair”. I have high hopes.)

Sock Clubbers – the November invoices will go out tonight or tomorrow morning, so watch for those in your in-boxes.  This is our last shipment for 2008 and I hope you love it!  We’ll do signups for our 2009 Sock Club in mid-January, with the first shipment going out in March.  Watch the blog in early January for details, and we’ll also be putting that notice in the January Monthly Email Newsletter.

Spring Flingers – we’ll open up signups sometime in early December (with the Fling being the last weekend in April, 2009). Again, watch the blog and the December Monthly Email Newsletter for sign-up dates!

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