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The Elves Deserve a Round of Applause!

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Friday, November 7th, 2008 in Uncategorized

Seriously – they rose to the challenge of getting out a record number of orders this week – an amazing feat. (Note to self: Do not schedule a sale with a big load of Malabrigo Sock with a Sock Club shipment in the same week. FPS.) Things have been crazy here, but Friday has arrived and I think we’ve all survived. (And lots of you have gotten boxes from us this week – yay!) Thank you again for all of your wonderful shopping in the past week. We’ve had fun packing everything up for you! And the hands? Well, it seemed appropriate for “applause”. But I seem to have acquired more of them, haven’t I? Honestly, I never meant to collect hands. Because … well … Hands.  Weird. In the beginning, I thought ONE would be nice, so that I could show a knitted fingerless mitt.  And then the second one just kind of came along.  The third one came from an antique store and was too cute to pass up.  Now we seem to have a whole gaggle of them. See the big white one with nothing on it in the back? Elf Susan says that one gives her the creeps.  Looks too much like a paste-y dead hand. I think we need to cover it up with knitting pretty soon. Have you ever ended up collecting something by default, like this? (Please say yes.)

I went to the Weaving Guild’s Boutique Night last week and found these two treasures. This handspun is just gorgeous and was spun up by Amy, who is a Loopy customer.  All of the handspun was grouped together on a big table and in bins, and every skein that I was drawn to pick up, just happened to be spun by Amy.  I told her that I think I need a lesson. Her handspun is soft and wonderful. Mine feels … slightly overtwisted … by comparison.  And then there was this cute elf – an Alan Dart design. (Do I have this pattern to knit my own? Yes.  Have I done it since getting the pattern a year or two ago? No.  Am I glad that I bought him? Yes.  He looks happy on my shelf.)

Today I’m heading off to Stitches East for a little retail therapy and new-product-scouting work. I have never been to a Stitches event before, and I’m really looking forward to it. (Also looking forward to some extra knitting time, and catching up with some of my indie dyers who will have booths there.) Will I see some of you there, too? I’ll keep my eye out for familiar names and faces! I’m actually already on a plane flying eastward as you read this, so I’ll be away from emails and the blog until I get back in the office on Monday – I’ll catch up with you then.

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