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Three Things in December

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 in Three Things

dsc022751I can tell that Christmas is next week, because my mind has reverted to thinking in lists. Somehow that makes everything seem more manageable to me. (Never mind how MANY lists there are to think about. If I only have to think of 3 things at a time, it all seems more do-able.)  So today it is time for another Three Things blog.

Three favorite things that I have received recently:
1. This creative “Loopy” drawing by Carlo, Elf Sue’s son (who came to work with his mom last week) I asked for more so that we can put them on the Loopy refrigerator. :-)
dsc0226012. The crocheted Loopy that the nice people at Malabrigo sent to us for fun. (No wonder they wanted to take my Little Loopy when I saw them at Stitches!)
3. New yarn from Yarn Pirate, Tuscan Grove, and Spirit Trail Fiberworks. But I know that I don’t get to keep those.

Three favorite songs for the holidays:
1.  O Holy Night
2.  Silent Night
3. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Three songs that I’m really really tired of hearing:
1.  Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
2.  I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
3.  Same Auld Lang Syne

Three things I need to finish up:
1.  Scarf (cashmere kit from Jade Sapphire)
2.  Scarf (Purple Spangle, from Jojoland)
3.  Scarf (Chevron, with Fiesta Boomerang. I will not start a new one until this one is finished. I will not start a new one until this is finished.  I will not start a new one until this is finished.)

Three more things I need to finish up:
1.  My second Transition Glove. (Apparently my second sock syndrome applies to gloves, too.)
2.  My second Malabrigo Sock
3.  All of the other second socks (approx. 35. ahem) that need to be completed.

Three things I’m anxious to knit after the gift knitting is done:
1. These fingerless mitts from a new indie dyer yarn I’m trying out.
2. Socks out of a new pattern that will go up on our Free Patterns page soon, out of Creatively Dyed Calypso.
3. Scarves (the addiction is apparently not over yet. I am waiting for it to pass.)

Three things I found this week that bring back memories:
1.  This pincushion. There was one in my grandma’s sewing basket and I always thought it was colorful and fun!
2. This slush mug.  My brother and I both had one and we kept them in the freezer at all times.
3. This video.  A favorite when the kids were young.

Three things on my schedule for today:
1.  Orders!  We’re still swamped from this week’s Sneak Up but we’re all pulling and packing as fast as we can to get them out to you.
2.  Emails. I am woefully behind. Why? See #1.
3.  Unpacking boxes of new yarn that have come in this week so that we can get it photoed and up for you.  I think the next Sneak Up will be the Friday or Saturday after Christmas. We have lots that has arrived to get up for you. (We will do a few re-stocks in the meantime. I have more Jojoland yarn and patterns that will be here in a day or so, in addition to a few other things.)

Sheri doyouhavethreethingstosharetoday?

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