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Back at Loopy Central Again

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m finally among the land-of-the-living again. Thanks so much for all of your well wishes on Ravelry and Facebook last week! I hope that you and your families all manage to bypass the flu germ this season. It’s not fun. The one nice thing about being sick was that College Daughter was home from Wednesday night to Sunday, so she kept me company and it was fun spending all of that time with her.  We watched Season One of Bones while she was home. Why didn’t any of you tell me that was such a good series? (Although it can be a little much for those who are squeamish. Just keep your eyes closed for those parts.) Now I’m ready for Seasons Two and Three.

dsc02370I wasn’t up to knitting until Saturday, but I did get my other Mini Mochi sock finished over the weekend. (I told you I was going to finish the second one up, despite my tendencies towards single socks.  These are so soft and beautiful that I wanted the pair done to wear them!) This yarn is interesting. As I said before, sometimes it’s like almost knitting with roving, but it knits up strong, looks great, and it’s very comfortable to wear. I had 1 knot in each ball that I used, but both were close to where the other piece left off and it was pretty easy to pick up the sequence. We have a bunch more of this on order and when it comes in, I’ll be wanting to make more. Or maybe a Chevron Scarf with two different colorways. (Because, you know, I need to start another scarf….) I did knit these out of 2 different dyelots, since one ball came from the Crystal Palace booth at TNNA and the other from our order. But they match well.

dsc02365Turns out it was a good few days to be out of the shop last week. The Elves were inundated with boxes of yarn and they did a great job with all of the unpacking. More arrived today, so apparently we’re not done yet. We’re busy photo-ing and will be putting up many of the new things over the next couple of weeks.  One of the fun things you’ll find in this week’s Sneak Up is our “Loopy Loves You Valentine’s Kit”. This was the brainchild of Stacy (from Tempted) and Keri (from 3 AM Enchantments). dsc02367They emailed a couple of months ago and said that they thought it would be fun to do a Valentine’s Kit and was I interested? So Stacy dyed up the beautiful yarn, Keri made the bags, Jillian (from Wee Ones Creations) made the zipper pulls, Wendy designed the sock pattern, and we’re adding a heart-shaped Loopy tape measure. We think you’ll love this combination. (A big thanks to Stacy and Keri for the brainstorm, and for being willing to do so many of the bags and yarn!) Stacy also sent me one sock knit up so that I could photo it. I’ll put that up on the website with the kit photos. The pattern is so fun – hearts down the front and back of your leg, with a cool twisty column up each side. I will definitely be making these. I have yet to meet a Wendy-pattern that I didn’t love.

I’m catching up with emails today, so if you’re waiting to hear from me, I’m on it. Did anyone work on anything fun over the weekend?

Sheri whowascheeringfortheCardinalslastnight,butcongratstoallofyouSteelersfans!

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