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Three Things on Monday

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, February 9th, 2009 in Three Things

dsc02379Three things that were waiting for me when I got to Loopy Central this morning:
1. A notebook full of things to put up for tonight’s Sneak Up. (Now up!  Even though we expanded to 18 “What’s New” pages, we still ran over…)
2.  This cute sheepy wall cling, that is now clinging to my computer instead. And since there were four in the package, one is on Susan’s computer and two are on the Loopy ‘fridge.
3.  More boxes of yarn.

Three things that are taking up too much of my time:
1.  Ravelry
2.  Facebook
3.  Laundry
(I like the first two, so they’re ok. I tend to try and ignore the third one…)

Three things that I did this past weekend:
1.  Bones, Season Two (half of it)
2.  Dinner out with my hubby
3.  Worked on my Jaywalker sock.

Three things I’m tired of:
1. Plain vanilla stitches and simple ribs.
2. People who take advantage of others and their generous hearts.
3. Moving yarn around here at Loopy, trying to make room for more.

Three people who won Loopy Gift Certificates from last quarter’s challenge:
1.  Michelle for Autumn Thriller (Knitter’s Choice Award)
2.  Kelli’s NHM #9 Mittens
3.  Barbara’s Dashing Blues
(I hope everyone is working on a Clapotis for this quarter’s challenge!)

Three things that you NEED to check out from tonight’s Sneak Up:
1.  Dye Dreams
2.  Dragonfly Fibers
3.  Fiesta Ballet
(Well, there are 18 pages you need to check out.  But start with those three.)

dsc01574Three things on my To Do List this week:
1.  Make Valentine Cookies
2. Watch last week’s episode of Lost before Wednesday night brings yet another episode.
3.  Start a few new projects. (Don’t I need a Chevron Scarf out of 2 colors of Fiesta Ballet? I know. It’s a sickness…)

Sheri gotanylistsofthreethatyou’dliketosharetoday?

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