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Note(s) to Self

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc02343Apparently, when one gets a little busy, one starts forgetting important things. This is my Necessary Post of Remembrances for the day. (If you don’t forget things, you might just go on to the next blog that you read and come back on Monday…)

Note(s) to self:

- Never ever ever shop at Sam’s Club at 10 am. It doesn’t matter how low you are on Loopy kisses, it’s simply not worth it. (Second note to self: if you’d plan ahead better, you would not find yourself in the position of needing to go at noon on a Friday.)

- You may not set aside a skein of Dianne’s Creatively Dyed Seacell Roving in Pelee, or Gale’s Alpaca Silk Roving in Grapevine, or Jennifer’s Luxury Merino/Silk/Angora Roving in Turkish Stone, before they go up on the website next week. You have not used your wheel in several months. There is no way to justify additional roving. (Second note to self: you could set aside a few hours to spin this weekend and then you’d be “totally back into spinning”. Then those amazing rovings would have every right to jump into your personal stash.)

- “Maybe it will go away” is never a sentence that should be used to describe tooth pain, thus allowing you to delay making a dental appointment. No matter how much you hate going to the dentist. (Second note to self: grow up already. It’s just a dentist.)

- There IS a limit to the amount of space available at Loopy Central. When you order boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff, and the only place to put them (temporarily) is in the Loopy kitchen, it means that people can’t get their lunches out of the refrigerator. That makes Elves testy. (Second note to self: And you can’t call it “an enforced diet”. Hungry Elves have no sense of humor.)

- It’s Spring. That means that those 20 pounds you were going to  lose “by next Spring”,  are still cheerfully hanging around. (Second note to self: it would require a change in diet and exercise. Weird how that works.)

On a positive note:

- Those people at Sam’s who cannot fathom why you would be pushing a cart full of 48.75 pounds of chocolate into the checkout lane? Smile and tell them you gave up healthy food for Lent. (Obviously the line “this is for the knitters” will not be believed and will look like a pathetic justification of too much chocolate consumption at your house.)

- Since you continue to knit and enjoy it, go ahead and buy some more yarn for your stash. And maybe you can sneak in one of those gorgeous braids of roving and no one will notice. (You really ought to spin this weekend, too.)

- He’s a nice dentist. (But still a dentist.)

- Hope springs eternal.

That’s it. My notes for the day. Do you have any “notes to self” you’d like to leave in the comments?

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