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Loopy Suds

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 in Contest, Shop News

dsc02506Remember those cute Loopy Ewe soaps that we sent out in Sock Clubs last year, and then offered for you to purchase? We needed more, so I ordered another batch while we were out in Colorado. They’re here and looking as festive as ever. This time, I had them do the background in blue so that Loopy and his red socks would pop out more. Same great scent, though – a mixture of lemongrass, lavendar, patchouli and amber. Check them out. They’re made by my very favorite handmade soap shop in Breckenridge, CO. It’s hard to walk in there and not come out with a whole bunch of new soap. It’s the only kind of soap we use at our house now (and the bars are huge – they last forever.) Makes a fun addition to your swap packages and gifts for knitting friends!

dsc02503I have picked out my Challenge Sock pattern and yarn. Here’s the yarn – Numma Numma’s new yarn base (The Usual) in “Make It a Double”. The color is even more gorgeous in person.  Actually, I walked around Loopy Central Monday night before heading home, trying to decide on a yarn/color to use for this challenge. The first one I picked out (“The House Red“) was completely sold out when I went to the computer to take my skein off. Darn! (I certainly know better. I know how fast you all scoop up yarns during a Sneak Up.) Over on the Loopy Groupie board, Mette mentioned the Summer Sliding socks by Jeannie Cartmel and I fell in love. (Turns out  I was already in love with this pattern, because Jeannie shared her photo of it in our Photo Galleries last year and I emailed her about it.) So I bought my pattern and caked up my yarn and I’m ready to start. It has been really fun to read about the different yarns and patterns that you all are contemplating for our Challenge.

Before we get too far into this Second Quarter Challenge, we need to get the winners of the First Quarter Challenge taken care of. We will randomly draw a winner from all entries, but we also give out a “Reader’s Choice” award, based on your votes.  So please go take a look at the entries and email us by next Wednesday (April 15th) to tell us your favorite one. (Email: susan AT theloopyewe DOT com) The winners will receive a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.

dsc02495We still have a duck pair hanging out in our back yard. I was watching them settle in last night and I said to WH, “Should I do anything for them??” to which he replied, “No. You don’t need to mother them. They’re ducks.” So I guess they’re on their own. :-)  But Zoe is keeping a close watch on them, just in case.

Sheri beautifuldayheretoday-howaboutwhereyouare?

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