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Here’s What I Wonder About Today

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Friday, May 29th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc02651This is what I’m contemplating today:

1. What’s the appeal of Twitter? Do people really enjoy knowing what other people are doing all day long? I don’t get it. I have an account set up there just in case, but I have never used it because I’m waiting to be enlightened on the whole thing.  And when you Twitter – do people then “answer” your Tweet (did I use that word right?) and then you have to answer their answer? It sounds time consuming. But bottom line, do we really need to know that much about everyone’s life? Or do I just not get it because I’m not on it?

2.  Why isn’t there a National Knitting Month? All knitters could be exempt from household duties that month, in order to knit and “promote knitting worldwide”. Oh, and yarn budgets triple during National Knitting Month. Sounds reasonable. Crocheters get their own month, too.

3.  Why does the same cute rabbit keep bounding back and forth in my backyard? (I’m home, making Snickerdoodles and blogging on the back porch. Oh, hey!  I could’ve Twittered/Tweeted that, right? But unless you’re a block over and can stop by for warm Snickerdoodles, why would you want to know?)

4.  Who has knitted the most items in their lifetime? And who has the biggest stash? (Doris sent me this link and thinks that Bonney might win in this category. I agree!) And who has taught the most people to knit? Shouldn’t there be a “Knitter’s Hall of Fame” somewhere?

5.  How am I going to get a booth’s worth of fixtures and yarn from St. Louis to Portland for the Sock Summit in August? Having a booth? Not stressful. Meeting all of you there? Downright fun! Coordinating the booth contents, getting them all out there, figuring out where to store it all before I get there, or thinking about taking 3 long days to drive it out, or coordinating a delivery by freight? Giving me nightmares. Absolutely stressing me out.

Got any answers? Or any things you’re wondering about yourself?

Sheri backyardneighborisweedwhipping,nolongerpeacefulontheporch.(Hey,Icould’veTwitter/Tweetedthat….)

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