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The Magic of Blocking

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 in Finished Projects

dsc02710Don’t you love to see a lace project blossom into “beautiful” as you pin it out and block it? Yes, the blocking process takes some (backbreaking) work. Yes, you do need to invest in quite a few T-pins to block a Girasole. But OH is it ever worth it. I had to leave mine all pinned out on the floor for an extra day, just because I liked walking by it and admiring it.  My hubby said, “I can’t believe that’s what you’ve had in your lap for 6 weeks!”  He’s right. On the circular dsc02712needles, it just looks kind of like a balled up bunch of yarn. (Well, it IS a balled up bunch of yarn.) Of course Gracie had to keep a close eye on it to make sure that it didn’t get up and walk away. (Note the cat toy in the corner of the photo. She even stopped playing with her toy to assume the position of Girasole Guard.) After watching it for awhile she knew it was safe, so she walked right over the top of it and plopped her fluffy self down in the very middle. (Yes – I know I have a double YO in one spot where there was only supposed to be a single. But honestly, since that’s the worst of the mistakes on this biggest-lace-project-I’ve-ever-done, and since it’s fixable, and since this blanket stays with me, I’m ok with it.)

dsc02721I’m still going back and forth about which yarn I want to use for the shawl version that I want to knit next. You all keep picking such fun choices that it makes me stop and re-evaluate my decision every day. I have 3 different choices sitting in my Loopy cart, waiting for me to decide.  I’ll keep you posted. For those of you who have bought this same Cascade Eco-Alpaca for your Girasole – isn’t it hard to put down? The whole reason I decided on this for my first one was because I had to stick my hand in this yarn every single time I walked by the shelves that house it here at Loopy. FPS. I’d like to make a sweater out of it one of these days, too.

dsc02723In other yarn news, we have lots going on! I’ve been meeting with yarn reps and sending in orders and the boxes continue to arrive. (Wait til you see some of the new things that we’re bringing in. You’re going to love them!) One of my reps was here yesterday and he stood in the middle of everything and said, “It’s so big and bright and full and clean and colorful!” It’s always fun to share the in-store shop with people who appreciate it. :-) (Like Jaci who made us all say, “awww!” by getting all teary when she walked dsc02724into Loopy Central on her Spring Fling shopping trip. After ordering from us for so long, she loved seeing it in person. She took a photo of herself by the sign and sent it to her Teen-age Daughter, telling her that she had cried. Teen-age Daughter immediately texted back and said, “OMG. You did NOT!”  I guess Teen-Age Daughter wouldn’t have been touched by the tears like we were….)

Sheri whowishesyoucouldALLcomeshopinpersonhere!

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