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Aaaahhh …. Mountains!

Photo: Sheri Berger
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It was 59 degrees when we rolled into town last night. That is 50 degrees cooler than the 110 heat index that was supposed to be happening in St. Louis. (When we were packing the car yesterday morning, you could barely breath due to the humidity. I’ve compared it to walking in warm Jell-O before, and that still fits. I suppose the St. Louis Department of Tourism would like me to stop discussing this right now.) Today in the mountains – gorgeous. Cool. Invigorating.

Thanks for your comments on the Wind Turbines in Kansas. (By the way, I love everyone from Kansas. The creepiness has nothing to do with you.) When there were just a couple of them, it was kind of fascinating. But now that the hills are full of them in this particular area, it feels creepy to me. Just.too.tall.and.silent. It does sound like they’re all over the place now, according to your posts, so that’s interesting. Like a couple of people mentioned in the comments, I would love to know if you see a savings on your energy bills when you live near them.

Here’s my schedule for vacation. What do you think?

1.  Sleep a little later than normal.

2.  Walk over to get coffee at Starbucks.

3. Sit and drink coffee and look at the mountain views.

4.  Figure out a plan for the day. (Sometimes “BE”, sometims “DO”. Somtimes a little of both.)

5.  Make a great dinner.

6.  Watch movies and knit (or play on the computer, depending on which member of the family you’re talking to). Or read a good book.

7. Answer a few emails and write a quick blog, so that it still feels like I’m doing a little something productive.

8. Hope that nobody notices if I add another week or two to the end of this vacation time.

We used the Random Number Generator to pick two winners from last week’s Blog Contest. The winners (who will be receiving Wollmeise in the mail) are: Grace in NJ and Erin in OH. Congratulations to both of you, and thanks to everyone who posted the foods that they’d like to see knit up!

I’m off to “Be” for the day. I started a new sock in the car and just turned the heel. It’s a new indie yarn going up next week that you will love. I’ll photo it for the blog as soon as it’s done. More tomorrow!

Sheri forgottotellyouthatIorderedabunchofyarnbeforeIleft.ABUNCH.

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