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Three Things on Monday

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Monday, July 13th, 2009 in Three Things

DSC02856See this? This is how I’m feeling this week. A little crazy. (Yes, my hair probably looks like that – I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow, because I can’t stand it any longer.) Yes, I can mostly be found working or walking around Loopy with a Cup ‘o Joe. Caffeine is good for stress, right? (ahem) No, I’m not wearing red shoes. I ought to be. (This cute coffee lady comes from here.)

Three things I’m working on this week:

1. Getting the Sneak Up done. (Check – it’s up! You’ll find tons of Malabrigo – Lace, Worsted, Silky, Seleccion Privada, Dragonfly Fibers, Dye Dreams Comfy Sox, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Dream in Color Classy, Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, Hand Maiden Casbah, Lorna’s Laces Wooltop roving, and Knit Girl/Knitting Nerd card decals.)

2. Getting stuff finished up for the Sock Summit Boooth. (I love my yarn companies and indie dyers. They’re kickin’ butt booty to get things done.)

DSC028503. Overseeing Web Guy’s move to Florida. (If you have a 22 year old, you know that “over-seeing” is a misnomer. He’s taking care of everything. I’m just pretending like I’m somehow involved a bit.)

Three things I enjoyed last week:

1. Having Audrey, Gretchen and Jen down to visit from Indiana. Friends of Web Guy’s. Nice nice gals.

2. Having Jess visit from Virginia. Friend of Web Guy’s. Nice nice gal.

3. Starting a new project with Malabrigo Silky. OHmygosh is this stuff ever amazing. I’m making a scarf. I’ll show pics and share the pattern soon.

Three things I will enjoy this week:

1. The nicer weather. It’s gorgeous out today – low 80′s, low humidity, totally do-able for summertime in St. Louis. More just like this for most of the week. Good thing, as the All-Star baseball game is here tomorrow night.

DSC028522. Driving down to Florida with Web Guy. Does he need company to drive down there? No. But he lets me come along because he knows that his mom will sleep better at night if she can picture where he is, safe and sound.

3.  Knitting in the car for the 18 hour trip to south Florida.

Three more things you ought to know:

1.  We leave on Wednesday  morning, so I’ll be away from the blog and email the rest of the week. Call or email support AT theloopyewe DOT com if you need anything!

2.  Susan will also be out the rest of the week. (It’s a busy week for everyone!) But the rest of the Elves will be here, getting your orders out and answering the phone and support emails.

3. Our huge order of Alchemy Juniper is due to arrive this week, so hopefully we’ll be able to photo it all and get it up for you next week. They have been a great company to work with and I know you will love this yarn.

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