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Yarn Coming In, Yarn Going Out

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, August 14th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC02952Whew – what a week. You all had fun with the Dream in Color, didn’t you? In fact, although we were well stocked before the sale, the shelves are sadly empty today. You cleaned us out! Just a reminder that the Dream in Color, Wendy Knits Patterns, and Annie Adams accessories sale goes off tonight, so if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a couple of things, get your order in. :-) Thank you to every one of you for your orders (and continued anniversary wishes) this week. You’ve kept us busy! 

DSC02953Just as those orders have been going out, the boxes from the Sock Summit have arrived back in. We’re working on getting those unpacked and logged in and set aside for photos. I’ve included some shots to give you a peek at what we will have for you soon! Are you one of those people who always takes/makes too much? We used to joke about my German grandmother, because she always fixed way too much food when she had us over for dinner. Heaven forbid that we should run out and someone would go home hungry. She loved fixing meals for her family and friends. Now my family jokes about me, because I have developed the same habit. When we have people over for dinner, there are always lots and lots of leftovers. Is this a German thing? Or just a thing in my family? I think I must’ve had that mindset for the Sock Summit as well. We certainly sold a lot of yarn while we were out there, but heaven forbid that we should run out. So I packed extra. Plenty extra. But the good news is that even if you missed being at the Sock Summit in person, you can still get in on the beautiful yarns! (You know, if we would’ve sold out, I would’ve ordered more of it for all of you anyway. I will always watch out for you, whether you go to these events or not.) So we’ll keep working on the unpacking and photo-ing, and we’ll get it up for you as soon as we can.

Thank you for all of the anniversary wishes! It has been fun to read through them and we really appreciate you taking the time to comment. We have used the random number generator to pick five winners from last week’s comments. We’ll be sending fun prize packages out to Jocelyn in Dubai, Terri in TX, Cheryl in MO, Michelle in OH, and Bonnie in CA! (I emailed all of you, so check your email boxes if you’re wondering if this is you.)  We’ll have our second contest this coming Monday (the 17th), and our third and final blog contest on the following Monday (the 24th). And of course we’ll have more “3 lines” sales starting both of those Mondays, too, so watch the blog and your email for news of that. Then we’ll be doing a whole lot of re-stocking of all of these lines that you’ve enjoyed cleaning us out of!

Knitting Daughter reminded me this week that she goes back to college in a week and a half. Where in the heck did this whole summer go? Aaaackk!!!

Sheri whoisdeterminedtocatchuponsomesleepthisweekend.Andknit.

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