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New 4th Quarter Challenge and Loopy’s Summer

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 in KAL News, Shop News

It’s time for a new challenge!  We do two different things around here, and we take turns from quarter to quarter. KAL’s (Knit A Longs) are where I specify a certain pattern or a certain yarn. This year we did a Clapotis KAL the first quarter and a Girasole KAL the 3rd quarter. During the 2nd quarter, we did a Challenge where I encouraged you to make a pair of socks that were a masterpiece to you. You picked the pattern and the yarn. Now it’s time for a Challenge again!  This time, the Challenge is to knit a shawl, where you pick the pattern and you pick the yarn. (In order to be eligible for prizes in the Challenge, the yarn needs to be a line that we sell here at Loopy.) If you’re new to shawl knitting, you might pick a pattern with more garter stitching and use a fingering weight or heavier yarn. If you’re a shawl/lace pro, you might pick something that teaches you a new pattern, construction or technique. All projects must started 10/1 or later, and must be completed by 1/1/10 and a photo submitted to our photo gallery by 1/7. (This gives you time to wash and block.) There is a thread on the Loopy Groupie board entitled “Shawls”, if you want to talk about what you’re doing, or have questions that you need answered from your pattern. I finished my first Multnomah (now blocking, photo on Friday) and am starting a second one today. Yeah, the Multnomah was kind of addictive.

Another fun thing that we do here is to send Loopy on vacation with all of you in the summertime. He first went on the road in 2007 and had an awesome time. So much so, that he wanted to go again in 2008. (This was the year that many of you took your stuffed Loopy’s, in addition to the postcards.) We sent him out again this past summer to see what trouble he could stir up, and you all rose to the challenge. For example, Loopy:

- went to China:


- and the Taj Mahal:


- tried to read the signs near the Dead Sea in Israel:


- topped a wedding cake:


- took a plane ride with some friends:


- got revenge on that crab from two years ago:


- went canoeing:


- and even hung out at the office:


Now it’s your turn to vote on Loopy’s summer!  Please take a look at all of the photos in his photo gallery - there are lots more – and send us an email (support @ theloopyewe . com), telling us:

Which photo was most creative?

What was the best “farthest place” that he traveled?

Which photo made you wish you were there?

We’ll award prizes next week!

Sheri whatwouldLoopybedoingTODAYifhewerehangingoutwithyou?

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