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Tired of ….

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, October 12th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC03081…. this. The dad-gum road construction that has been going on along the road that runs right next to our building, since sometime this summer. Tired of the jackhammers and the cones and the workers and the person that felt it necessary to drop this scooper on chunks of pavement to break them up, resulting in more building shaking. This photo was taken from inside my office, so you can see how close we are to the mess fun.

…. talk of the H1N1 flu. And whether or not to get the vaccines, and whether or not they’re safe and have been tested enough, and whether or not they’re going to run out, and whether or not you’re gonna git it. (I’m getting the vaccines. Talked to my doc. Enough said.)

…. waiting for UPS/Fed Ex/USPS to deliver yarn orders. We have so much on order that is due in “any minute”. When are they going to arrive? NOW is a good time. Let’s deliver it now.

…. wearing reading glasses for everything. After a whole life of 20/20 vision, it stinks when your eyes get older and turn against you, making things blurry up close. On the flip side, I can see anything going on at the Montessori school across the parking lot in perfect detail. Let me know if you need to know anything about their playground or the cute kids. I have it covered.

…. more yarn than I have time to knit. But it’s a curse that I’m willing to live with (and add to) indefinitely. Come to think of it, I’m not really tired of that at all. Not one tiny bit.

Speaking of which, we just added some beauties to the website! You’ll find Dream in Color’s new Knitosophy line, as well as the special Ocean Currents Limited Edition Smooshy colorway that they sent to us, Fiberphile’s amazing colors, Hand Maiden Swiss Super Sea Sock, Tempted Glam Girl (the one with the silver, and new colors), and patterns from Monica Knits and ShibuiKnits. Good stuff. Hop over and see.  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!

Sheri anythingyou’retiredoftoday?

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