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Still Summer in FL

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, November 23rd, 2009 in Shop News

DSC03212I’m back from a fun weekend in Florida! I had to dig out the summer clothes for my trip south, because it still feels (and looks) like Summer down there. You all know that I’m not a big fan of Summer (and heat), but I am a big fan of Web Guy and I’ll endure anything for a visit with him. :-) I had fun giving his pots and pans a workout while he was off at work on Thursday and Friday. Can you believe I made a bunch of stuff and didn’t take one photo of any of that food? What was I thinking? Now I’ll have to make all of those recipes again so that I can share them with you in the future. We also did some website planning (fun things in store for 2010!), and did a bit of shopping as well. I hope he lets me come visit again sometime. I took photos, but both kids have started telling me, “Not for the blog” on most photo shots. What’s up with that?? But look – the signs by the dumpster that say “Beware of Wildlife” were correct. Raccoons visit each night! Lots. This was the best shot I could get in the dark. And they didn’t say “not for the blog” when I snapped the photo.

DSC03221We have a busy week here at Loopy! Great stuff in today’s Sneak/Up/Date. New indie dyer Studio June (she also does the yarn in these kits, which is how I found her), more colors from Monkeypal, a big batch of Sanguine Gryphon Eidos,DSC03222the first part of our String Theory Caper order and a new BFL line from them, Malbrigo Worsted/Sock/Lace, more Fiberphile, and new patterns from Spillyjane Knits. (Yes, I may have added to my own stash as well this week. It could not be helped. Too many wonderful possibilities. I know you understand. I like that about you.)

Check back Wednesday for this month’s blog contest and a chance to win some beautiful yarn! I’ll also have my Mara Shawl blocked and photoed for you, as well as Elf Susan modeling the shawl she just made – her first! I’m so proud of her. How are you coming along on your shawls?

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