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Piled Up But Working Fast

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Monday, November 30th, 2009 in Finished Projects

Whew – you guys like to buy yarn during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, don’t you? (And some of you like to buy yarn even though you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend!) There are seven of us pulling, packing and shipping your orders today, but just know that it will still take us into Wednesday, I think.  Therefore, if you don’t get a shipping notice today, don’t worry. We’re working as fast as we can and will have these out asap.  It also means that I won’t put a Sneak/Update up tonight. We’ll see how this goes and we may put up new stuff later in the week, or we may hold it all until next Monday. I’ll keep you posted on that. (Are you a member of our Loopy Ewe group on Facebook? I will be sure to keep that updated this week as well.)

DSC03260I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was great to have College Girl home. Guess what? She saw my favorite mitts and wanted a pair just like them. She picked out a skein of Alpaca With a Twist’s Baby Twist (which has so much yardage that you can easily make a scarf to match), and I knit them up in time for her to take back to school on Sunday. Have I mentioned that these knit up fairly quickly? I also finished a pair of them in Lorna’s Laces Worsted, for me (takes just one skein – I made it in the Jeans colorway). The minute I felt the worsted base from LL, I knew I had to do something out of it. It’s incredibly soft and wonderful. Someday I’ll make a sweater with it. Anyway – back to the mitts – I made up a little form to keep track of the rows. (I like check boxes. What can I say? And I do anticipate making more of these mitts. This little chart helps me motor through the knitting quicker.) This doesn’t have the pattern on it – you’ll still need to download that. This just helps keep track of the ribbing and the cables DSC03262and the “make stitches on the thumb” rows and all of that. It won’t make a lick of sense to you if you don’t have the pattern with it. :-)  I made mine a little longer on the wrist and on the fingertips, so I included the regular number called for in the pattern, as well as indicating the number of rows I do when I make it. If you’re interested in this little row-chart sheet, email me with “Row Chart” in the subject line and I’ll attach the PDF in an email back to you. (Note – this is for the larger size, but you can cross off one box on each row to use if for the smaller size.)

Now that the mitts are done, I’m back to working on finishing up a few things in progress. I have a striped scarf in Eco Alpaca, a sock out of Alchemy Juniper, two socks out of Numma Numma, a sock out of Lana Grossa Solo, and my second Sunshine Sock to finish. It would be nice if I’d finish these things and not start anything else in the meantime. Nice, but it probably won’t happen. I know myself too well.

Did you get any knitting done over the weekend?

Sheri thinkingIprobablyneedanotherpairofthesemitts

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