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Random Acts of Kindness Contest, Week 2

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, December 21st, 2009 in Contest, Random Acts of Kindness, Sheri's Recipes

Santa-keeping-watchDid you read all of the wonderful things that people are doing while out and about this season? I love how you’re all reaching out and finding ways to make someone’s day! If you’ve found some kind act to do since last week’s post, please post it in a comment below and we’ll draw a winner next week. (Note – we’ll have one more Random Acts Contest next Monday, so keep watching for opportunities around you.) The randomly drawn winner of last week’s contest is Jenny from MO, who won a $50 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. (Yes, we also up the certificate amount for these Random Acts contests, just for fun!)

This weekend, we did our holiday baking. One of my random acts this week was to put together trays of cookies and treats for neighbors. We have several elderly couples on our street who probably don’t do much baking during the holidays, so this is a fun way to share our baking with them. These Oreo Truffles are amazing. I think everyone and their brother made them last year, but I didn’t see the recipe until this year. If you haven’t made them, here is the recipe:


Oreo Truffles

1 package of Oreos
1/2 package of cream cheese (about 4 oz.)
white melting chocolate

Put the whole pack of Oreos into a food processor and process until it’s all dark crumbs. Add the cream cheese and mix until well blended. Scoop out bite-sized pieces and roll into a ball. Place on a cookie sheet in the fridge for 15 minutes. Dip the balls into melted white chocolate and let them harden on waxed paper.

Note – I tried this with the mint oreos, too. While the taste was good, I had to use two packs of Mint Oreos to one package of cream cheesse, due to the peppermint oil in the flavoring. Not sure I’d make those again.

The cookies in the photo are made with our favorite sugar cookie cutout recipe. We make these for two or three different holidays per year.

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