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Are You Adventurous?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 in Finished Projects

DSC03538We’ve talked about recipes, and I’ve asked if you make the recipe as written, or if you tweak it. Many of you said you used it as written the first time and then made changes the next time (if any). Now I’m wondering about your knit/crochet projects. Do you tweak there? I’ve come to realize that I do. Probably 90% of the time. Socks, shawls, sweaters – all changed. Sometimes it is a small thing – I make the sleeves or body longer. I knit toe-up instead of cuff down. Sometimes it’s a bigger thing – I change the heel construction or move the pattern around a bit. This week, I changed the edging. This pattern was the non-sock pattern that we sent out with our March Sock Club and I love it. We asked Samantha Roshak to take her worsted weight, extremely popular “Shawl That Jazz” and come up with a fingering weight scarf/shawlette version. She did a great job on “A Little Jazz” out of Fiesta Baby Boom. I liked it so much that I cast on immediately. I was looking for a cute pattern to make for a friend of mine, that wouldn’t involve blocking when she hand washes it in the future. (That cut out a lot of fun patterns right there!)

DSC03540I wanted to use a skein of Wollmeise, because my friend Susan (not Elf Susan – she’s knitting her own!) looks so fabulous in reds and pinks. This colorway was perfect. Since Wollmeise is quite a bit lighter than Fiesta Baby Boom, I knew some modifications would be in order. I added stitches to compensate for the difference in gauge (which then changed the number of row repeats in each section) and then realized I’d still have a lot of yarn left over. So why not do the cute, pleated Mara ruffle that I like so much? It seemed like a perfect addition to the body of the scarf. I love how it turned out. And I love how there are a lot of different ways to wear this scarf.

DSC03543We do keep sock club pattern exclusive to the club for 6-9 months after they come out. I know I wasn’t too on top of that with the 2009 patterns! So I promise that this year, we’ll make sure they are available in 6 months. This pattern will go up in early September, so that you have plenty of time to make some for holiday gifts. :-)

Back to the question I have for you – do you make changes on patterns the first time you knit them? Sometimes? Most of the time? Never? How adventurous are you? Maybe you should pick a pattern and a skein of yarn and jump in and make a change. Just for fun.

Sheri nowreadytomakeoneoftheseformyself

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