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Bad News, Good News

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, April 19th, 2010 in Bad New/Good News, Shop News

DSC03648Bad News: I didn’t do any knitting this weekend. I drove up to Indiana for a wedding and had great hopes of knitting at one point or another and it just didn’t happen. I took three different projects with me. I suffer from the “what if I run out of knitting while I’m there?” syndrome. Obviously it wasn’t a problem this time.
Good News: It was a nice wedding and I got to see Knitting Daughter and Web Guy. In fact, I got to bring Web Guy home for a week!

Bad News: Loopy Photographer Sharon told me last week that I need a yarn intervention. That was after she walked into the photo room and saw the shelves and shelves of yarn that were new for this week.
Good News: Of course that’s good news for you! We have Spud & Chloe (Fine, Sweater and patterns), Blue Sky Alpacas (Worsted, Alpaca Silk, Skinny, Royal and patterns), Dream in Color Classy re-stocks, Dream in Color Starry re-stocks plus the new semi-solids, 3 AM Enchantments Petite KIP’s, regular KIP’s, and Deluxe Notion Bags, The Dyeing Arts Roving, Namaste re-stocks, ¬†and the amazing Sajou Scissor line.

Bad News: I may have taken a Petite KIP, a Deluxe Notions bag, a Starry Blue Sage, and way too many colors and skeins of Blue Sky and Spud & Chloe for my own self.
Good News: My love for alpaca and alpaca blends remains strong. I love it more than cashmere. Why haven’t I added in these lines before? They are amazing.

Bad News: That just “ups” the amount of stash I have and the number or projects that I want to knit.
Good News: A healthy stash + a long list of projects = just what I like.

Sheri doyouhaveanybad/goodnewstosharefromyourweekendorupcomingweek?

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