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Ongoing Project List … and a CONTEST!

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Monday, May 17th, 2010 in Shop News

DSC02991.JPGIt’s time to update my lists. I keep adding projects. It’s not my fault. I have to walk by shelves and shelves of yarn every single day at work. It’s a job hazard. But I decided something. There are some single socks that are going to stay single socks for a long time. That’s just the way it is. I like having them up on display and if I make the match to it, I’ll just have to knit another single for the wall. That’s my theory. But there ARE some socks that I want to wear instead of having on the wall, so those are on my list.

Do you keep a list of ongoing projects or “soon to knit” projects? And do you update it? Mine looks like this:

DSC02520Need to Finish – in no particular order:
1. Malabrigo Silky Merino Green Grey scarf
2. Shibui Knits Ivory Cable Rib Wrap
3. Schaefer Anne Girasole shawl
4. Noro Silk Garden Worsted sweater (just one sleeve left – come ON!)
5. Zoe Cardi in Universal Cotton Supreme (worked on it all weekend. Still not done.)
6. My Sunshine Socks in Lorna’s Laces Butterscotch.
7. Froot Loops in Spud and Chloe Fine. (I initially typed Froot Loopy – my fingers work independent of my brain sometimes and I think I’ve typed out “loopy” too many times…)
8. My second sock in The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. (we have more of this yarn going up next week – another big order for you!)

Need to knit: 4 different yarn lines that I’m contemplating adding in at the moment.

Want to start, not necessarily in this order:
1. Tesni Shawl in …. undecided. Maybe the new Cascade Eco Duo?
2. Seaside Shawlette in one of our new Loopy Line colors (coming in June!)
3. Clothilde in a gorgeous skein of handspun that Lynn from Denver gifted to me at the Fling. (And she is the best spinner I know. I am tempted to just save that handspun skein and put it on a pedestal, but she made me promise to use it, so I will.)
4. Ishbel in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk.

(Please note that anyone with 8 things on the *To Finish* list and 4 things on the *Need to Knit* list, has no business coming up with a *Want to Start* list. I know.)

And this is why the quote above the Cascade 220 Wall is so appropriate for me. You, too?

Here’s the blog question for you to answer in the comments (to be entered into the contest. Prize? Wollmeise. Awarded? Next Monday.) When do you do most of your knitting? For me, I knit more on the weekends than at any point during the week. I’d probably double my output if I could find more time in the evenings to knit.

Just in case you need to add to your *Want to Knit* list, tonight’s update included: Cascade Eco Duo (new!) and 5 new Eco Alpaca Twist colors, new Cascade Heritage Solid colors, 8 more coloways in Madelinetosh Vintage (including Tart – your favorite), Sajou Scissor re-stocks, Dream in Color Smooshy re-stocks, HiyaHiya needle re-stocks, as well as more of those cute Puppy Snips, Needle Gauges, and Interchangeable sets, and finally, a re-stock of Marie Mayhew patterns, including a new Woolly Sheep and a new Woolly Sheep Kit. ¬†Enjoy!

Sheri myknittingprojectslistwilllookcompletelydifferentinaweek

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