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Where in the World is Loopy?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 2nd, 2010 in Loopy

It has been fun reading about the projects (and color combos) that you’re thinking about for the Third Quarter Challenge. In addition to the blog comments, also check out the thread on the Ravelry Loopy Groupie board if you’re still looking for ideas. Then – get knitting!

Several of you have emailed to ask if we were doing Loopy’s Summer Vacation again this summer. We’ve done that for 3 years in a row, and this time we want to mix it up a little. (And since so many of you now have your own Little Loopy guys, we’re going to have you use those, or your favorite Loopy Tote, or you in a Loopy shirt/sweatshirt – anything with our logo on it, for the photos.) Here’s the deal. Every so often (not just this summer), we’ll throw out a Loopy Photo Topic, and we’ll give you a few weeks to take a photo and submit it to the “Where in the World is Loopy?” photo gallery. When the deadline is up, we’ll pick a winner to receive a fun prize. We’re starting you out with a super easy assignment: show us a picture of Loopy visiting someplace in your hometown. It could be:

Seeing the chocolates in Belgium:


Visiting the beach in Hilton Head:


Checking out his ancestors in Yorkshire:


Riding horses in MN:


Or any number of things from YOUR hometown. Pick a spot to take your Little Loopy (or your Loopy tote, or your Loopy paraphenalia), and let us see the photo evidence. We’ll pick a winner at the end of July, so you have until 7/31 to upload your photo. (How to upload? Log into your Loopy account, click the blue “Add Photos” link on your account page, and follow the easy steps.) Thanks for taking Loopy along with you. He loves to travel!

We’re celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S. this weekend. The mail service “celebrates” it on Monday, the 5th, by shutting down the mail system, so we will be out of the shop on Monday. All Saturday – Monday orders will start shipping out on Tuesday. (And we will have a regular Monday Update for you. More cool stuff has arrived!)

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