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Knitting … With Pets

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 in Uncategorized

2010julychickens-014sheriKathy from MO had the best reason for not finishing her challenge sweater in time. Chickens. She wrote, “The summer challenge sweater was almost done-a short cardigan crocheted from DIC Classy Butter Peeps.  Then I discovered the chickens LOVED to watch me crochet.  So this past week, every day I did a few rows on the back as I sat outside with the flock.  The night before last I joined it all…and the back was twice as long as it should have been. I still cannot believe I over-crocheted the back because I was entertaining the chickens by crocheting.”  She even sent me pictures as evidence. I think that’s probably the best excuse I’ve heard yet, for not finishing by the deadline!  Note how one is particularly determined to get right into the middle of the situation. Or rather, on top of the situation.

2010julychickens-033sheri2 2010julychickens-076sheri3

I have the same problem. No, not with chickens. With Zoe, my cat. She loves curling up on my lap when I am knitting. If, heaven forbid, I should have my laptop on my lap DSC02697for a bit, she sits on the arm of the chair and gives me the evil eye until I move it off to the table next to me and she can reclaim her spot. (Really – she can be quite intimidating with her eyes.) This photo was taken last summer while I was knitting my 100% Alpaca Girasole. There’s nothing quite like having a large throw on your lap, made out of 100% really really warm Alpaca, along with a furry, warm, purring cat, in the middle of 100 degree weather and 90% humidity. Special times.

So do you knit or crochet with pets that feel the need to be RIGHTTHEREWITHYOU while you work?

Sheri Idolikehavingalapcatinthewintertimewhenit’scold,though

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